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High quality, excellent service, valuing integrity, and fulfilling responsibilities! Service, everything satisfies customers!

Service Commitment
  • As a reputable company, Nanhang has always won the trust of customers with excellent services, committed to helping users design, manage, and maintain large and complex information infrastructure environments, including multi vendor products.
  • To ensure the quality and efficiency of after-sales service, Nanhang has set up a dedicated customer service department to supervise and manage the personnel and work of after-sales service agencies in various regions, and receive customer complaints and opinions, and respond to them. The after-sales service work is uniformly managed by customer service and the national unified after-sales service hotline is activated: 400-0000-0000. Provide customers with a 7 * 12 hour free after-sales hotline service.
  • Nanxing has a long-term and stable after-sales service organization and technical personnel at its headquarters, with sufficient quantities of spare parts to ensure timely service.
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  • Maintenance services:During the warranty period, for system failures or component damage caused by product quality reasons such as product design, materials, processes, manufacturing, installation and debugging, Nanxing customer service will provide free repair and replace any spare parts that may occur as a result. If the system malfunctions outside the warranty period or due to natural wear and tear, Nanhang customer service is responsible for lifelong maintenance, and the customer shall bear the corresponding costs.
  • Regular inspections:During the warranty period, the customer service engineer of Nanxing will visit the site every quarter to inspect all hardware equipment and software systems of the customer, confirm the operating status of the equipment, check system error records and performance issues, eliminate hidden dangers and faults, carry out upgrade and maintenance work, and submit service reports and performance analysis reports.
  • Software installation and upgrade:For the software developed by Nanxing’s customer display system, customer service provides free installation and upgrade services; Customer service can also provide customized software services based on customers’ actual needs, and customers are required to bear the corresponding development costs.
National laws and regulations

In addition, if there are other clear provisions in national laws and regulations, our company will comply with relevant laws and regulations.

After sales methods

During the warranty period, when purchasing products from authorized stores or online stores in Nanhang, please contact the purchasing store or online store with the invoice, receipt, sales identification, purchase contract, online purchase order number, etc. provided during the purchase.

Customer service consultation

Call customer service hotline: 400-0000-0000


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