It can be widely used in conference rooms, command and dispatch, live studios, monitoring centers, radio stations, school classrooms, exhibition halls, security, TV studios and other high-end scenes.

The southbound small distance P0.8LED display module is a newly designed common negative drive product.

The product uses full flip chip, common negative drive design, leading non-welding packaging process, the product to achieve 40% energy saving, intelligent screen, energy saving standby, superior cooling design cold, quiet noiseless box, cold and quiet extreme experience.

Viewing Angle up to 170°+, large field of view small details are visible, fine reproduction of all things posture surface anti-glare treatment, no reflection, the higher the contrast of 2000:1, stable product performance.

5G high transmission efficiency, effectively reduce equipment wiring, improve installation efficiency, and enhance transmission stability.

Multiple backup and stable upgrade: Quadruple backup of power supply, receiving card, signal cable, and power cable to ensure that the screen is not black and the display is stable.

The overall protection of the screen surface, anti-collision and anti-collision lamp, with ultra-low bad point rate; Healthy eye care, surface light source display, uniform light, soft light, long-term eye damage, low blue light, low radiation, low temperature rise, zero noise, all-round care of user health; Temperature control display algorithm, eliminate the display color caused by uneven temperature distribution, the whole screen display is consistent.

Full grayscale correction technology, grayscale multi-layer correction, the consistency of the picture greatly improved; Surface optical processing technology to achieve ultra-high ink consistency and ultra-high contrast, showing deep black and pure bright.

Three-in-one power supply design, fast and convenient installation, front maintenance design, the surface of the module light board can reach IP65 protection level, moistureproof, wipeable, touchable, easy maintenance and cleaning, seamless installation of die-cast aluminum panel, to achieve more convenient installation and maintenance.

Product parameters

Module board technical parameters
Product model SO-P0.8
Image spacing 0.88mm
Pixel density 1265625Dots/㎡
The pixels form 1R1G1B
Structural copper wire package
Lamp package SMD0606
Dimensions (length * width * thickness) 320*160*14mm
Weight 0.50kg±0.01kg
Structure features lamp drive integration
Cell board resolution 360*180=64800Dots
Input voltage (DC) 4.5±0.1V
Maximum current ≤8A
Unit board power ≤36W
Drive mode 1/45 constant current drive
The number of 40A power supply with unit boards is 3-4
Number of 50A power supply with unit boards 4-5
40A PFC power supply with four to five unit boards
80A power supply with 7-8 unit boards
Screen body technical parameters
Brightness uniformity > 0.95
Screen horizontal viewing Angle 170±10 degrees
Screen vertical viewing Angle 170±10 degrees
Best visual distance ≥1.0m
Operating environment room
Maximum power per square unit board ≤703W/㎡
Distribution power (maximum power per square ÷78%÷85%) ≤1061W/m2
Control mode Computer control, point-by-point one-to-one correspondence, video synchronization, real-time display
Display color 4.398 billion
Refresh frequency 3840Hz
Frame change frequency ≥60 frames/SEC
Brightness adjustment 256 manual/automatic
Service life ≥ 100,000 hours
The average trouble-free time is ≥ 10,000 hours
Attenuation rate (working for 3 years) 1 year ≤10%, 2 years ≤12%, 3 years ≤ 15%
Continuous runaway point 0
Failure rate/dead lamp rate 1 year ≤0.5‰, 2 years ≤1.1‰, 3 years ≤2.3‰
Operating humidity range 10%-65% RH(no condensation)
Operating temperature range -20-40℃
Protection Performance Over temperature/overload/power failure/image compensation/various correction techniques/Over current/Over voltage/lightning protection (optional)
Screen horizontal flatness < 1mm/㎡
Vertical flatness of screen < 1mm/㎡
Discrete runaway point < 0.0001, factory zero
Blind spot rate < 0.0003, factory is 0
Box technical parameters
Box specifications (Length * width * thickness) 640*480*84.5mm (thickness including module, box, connecting piece)
Box resolution 720*540=388800 Dots
The box area is 0.307 square meters
Box weight 8.25kg± 0.05kg
Maximum power consumption (unit board power x number of unit boards in a box) ≤216W
Average power consumption (1/3 of maximum power) ≤72W
Distribution power (power utilization rate 78%, i.e. maximum power ÷78%) ≤277W



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