Production and application:
It can be widely used in conference rooms, command and dispatch, live studios, monitoring centers, radio stations, school classrooms, exhibition halls, security, TV studios and other high-end scenes.

southbound small distance P0.97LED display module is a newly designed common negative drive product. The product uses full flip chip, common negative drive design, leading non-welding packaging process, the product to achieve 40% energy saving, intelligent screen, energy saving standby, superior cooling design cold, quiet noiseless box, cold and quiet extreme experience

Viewing Angle up to 170°+, large field of view small details are visible, fine reproduction of all things posture surface anti-glare treatment, no reflection, the higher the contrast of 2000:1, stable product performance

5G high transmission efficiency, effectively reduce equipment wiring, improve installation efficiency, and enhance transmission stability
Multiple backup, stable upgrade

The power supply, receiving card, signal cable, and power cable are backed up in four links to ensure that the screen is not black and the display is stable

The overall protection of the screen surface, anti-collision and anti-collision lamp, with ultra-low bad point rate; Healthy eye care, surface light source display, uniform light, soft light, long-term eye damage, low blue light, low radiation, low temperature rise, zero noise, all-round care for user health

Temperature control display algorithm, eliminate the display color caused by uneven temperature distribution, the whole screen display is consistent

Full gray level correction technology, gray level by multi-layer correction, the consistency of the picture greatly improved
Surface optical processing technology to achieve ultra-high ink consistency and ultra-high contrast, showing deep black and pure bright

Three-in-one power supply design, fast and convenient installation, front maintenance design, the surface of the module light board can reach IP65 protection level, moistureproof, wipeable, touchable, easy maintenance and cleaning, seamless installation of die-cast aluminum panel, to achieve more convenient installation and maintenance.

Product parameters
产品型号 SO-P0.97
像数点间距 0.97mm
像素密度 1062886Dots/㎡
像素构成 1R1G1B
结构 铜线封装
灯管封装 SMD0606
尺寸(长*宽*厚) 320*160*14mm
重量 0.50kg±0.01kg
结构特点 灯驱合一
单元板分辨率 360*180=64800Dots
输入电压(直流) 4.5±0.1V
最大电流 ≤8A
单元板功率 ≤36W
驱动方式 1/45恒流驱动
40A电源带单元板数 3-4张
50A电源带单元板数 4-5张
40A PFC电源带单元板数 4-5张
80A电源带单元板数 7-8张
亮度均匀性 >0.95
屏幕水平视角 170±10度
屏幕垂直视角 170±10度
最佳视距 ≥1.0m
使用环境 室内
每平方单元板最大功率 ≤703W/㎡
配电功率(每平方最大功率÷78%÷85%) ≤1061W/m2
控制方式 计算机控制,逐点一一对应,视频同步,实时显示
显示颜色 43980亿种
刷新频率 3840Hz
换帧频率 ≥60帧/秒
亮度调节 256级手动/自动
使用寿命 ≥10万小时
平均无故障时间 ≥1万小时
衰减率(工作3年) 1年≤10%,2年≤12%,3年≤15%
连续失控点 0
故障率/死灯率 1年≤0.5‰,2年≤1.1‰,3年≤2.3‰
工作湿度范围 10%-65%RH(无结露)
工作温度范围 -20-40℃
防护性能 超温/过载/掉电/图像补偿/各种校正技术/过流/过压/防雷(可选项)
屏幕水平平整度 <1mm/㎡
屏幕垂直平整度 <1mm/㎡
离散失控点 <0.0001,出厂时为0
盲点率 <0.0003,出厂时为0
箱体规格(长*宽*厚) 640*480*84.5mm(厚度含模组、箱体、连接片)
箱体分辨率 316723 Dots
箱体面积 0.307㎡
箱体重量 8.25kg±0.05 kg
最大功耗(单元板功率*一个箱体的单元板个数) ≤216W
平均功耗(最大功率的1/3) ≤72W
配电功率(电源利用率78%即最大功率÷78%) ≤277W



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