southbound indoor (outdoor) single and double color LED display P5 module can be widely used in conference rooms, hotels, transportation, parking lots, sports stadiums, schools, stations, airports, hospitals, banks, docks, buses, internal revenue service, industrial and commercial administration departments, talent markets, shopping malls, bidding offices, theaters, tourist attractions, leading and counting places.


With high brightness LED and high contrast of high-quality plastic parts, good display effect can be achieved. Weight is easy to install and disassemble. The LED pixel pitch is 10mm in constant voltage mode, with a total of 32*16 pixels, each pixel is composed of 1R.
1, the outdoor P10 constant pressure four sweep single red unit board is mainly composed of red LED matrix, and then fixed to the plastic kit;
2, the unit board contains a driver chip and input buffer chip, connected to the LED display control system can display video, images and text information;
3, through the PWM signal to drive the red LED driver chip, can form 256 kinds of color transformation;
4, the unit board can be spliced horizontally and vertically to form a display of different sizes;

Campus publicity: LED single and two-color screen can be used for campus publicity activities and information release, its display effect is good, flexible form, can make teachers and students on campus more intuitive and profound to receive information, powerful communication function.

Public institutions: In the government, offices of public institutions, public display Spaces and other areas, LED single and two-color screens are often used for government publicity, policy issuance, and publicity of regulations, etc., to improve the efficiency of staff internally and expand the publicity effect externally.

Commercial supermarket: In the commercial supermarket door, entrance and other places, LED single and two-color screen will help businesses effectively guide customers to shop, can be used to play shopping guide information, promotion discounts, customer greetings, etc., both to improve the image of businesses, but also to attract users, promote consumption.

Billboard: LED single and double color screen is widely used in indoor and outdoor billboards, venues, commercial advertising, information release and other places. Depending on the display color, the LED display can be divided into monochrome, two-color and full-color types.

LED single and double color screens have played an important role in a variety of places, improving efficiency, strengthening the publicity effect, and providing a better visual experience.

Product parameters
像素点形状 方形 像素点中心距离5 毫米
像素点中心距 5mm 像素管芯构成 1纯白
像素晶片构成 2红1绿 每平方米像素组数量 5000点
单元板解析度(W*H) 点*8点 模组
每平方米像素数量 3906点 模组尺寸 宽 320毫米×高 160毫米
箱体尺寸(W*H) 512mm*512mm 模组分辨率 宽 32像素 × 高 16像素
屏幕亮度(平均值) ≥7000cd/ m2 供电及工作环境
视角 水平120°,垂直上10°下30° 工作温度 —25℃~+60℃
最大功耗 600W/㎡ 相对湿度 10%—95%RH
使用功耗 200W/㎡~300W/㎡ 供电要求 220V±15%或380V±15%
屏幕重量(不含支撑结构) <60kg/m2 显示屏使用电压 220V±15%, 50Hz
供电要求 220V±15% 50Hz 使用功耗(平均) 100W/m2
灰度级 256~8192级灰度/1677216种颜色 最大功率 350W/m2
显示模式 VGA640X480—VGA1600X1024 LED显示屏控制系统
屏幕寿命 大于100,000小时 控制方式 计算机异步脱机、网络控制、无线U盘控制
画面刷新频率 ≥360HZ 控制软件 LED广告屏专用显示屏控制软件
通信距离 ≤100M(双绞线无中继)/1200M(光纤) 支持的计算机操作系统 Windows7/XP/Me/2000/98
相对温度 —25℃~+60℃ 支持的计算机显示模式 VGA640X480—VGA1600X1024
相对湿度 10%—95%RH 主要技术指标参数
控制软件 led广告屏专用显示屏控制软件 屏幕寿命 大于100,000小时
最佳可视距离 正面10–200m以内 系统平均无故障时间 >10000小时
通信接口 VGA 连续工作时间 >72小时
控制方式 计算机实时控制,与计算机显示器点点对应 显示颜色种类 红色
画面刷新速度 150帧/秒 视角 水平≥160°,垂直上下≥160°
整屏失控点 ≤万分之0.5 亮度 >3500cd/m2
亮度均匀性 最低像素亮度/最高像素亮度<0.9 最佳可视距离 正面5–200m以内
系统平均无故障时间 >10000小时 画面刷新速度 200帧/秒
驱动方式 恒流驱动 画面刷新频率 ≥300HZ
扫描方式 静态扫描 整屏失控点 ≤0.0001
电源保护 具有超温、过流、过压等技术 亮度均匀性 最低像素亮度/最高像素亮度<0.9
常亮点 1年内≤2/10000 平整度 ≤0.1mm
盲点 1年内≤2/10000 拼缝间距 ≤0.3mm
操作系统 Windows98/Me/2000/Xp 常亮点 ≤1/10000
亮度整定值 ≥7500CD/㎡向下64级可调 盲点 ≤1/10000
主驱动芯片生产厂及型号规格 MBI5026 驱动方式 恒流驱动
整屏亮度调整级数 64级自动或手动 扫描方式 1/4扫描
换帧方式 同步帧切换 整屏亮度调整级数 32级自动或手动
散热方式 局部密封式对流散热方式 散热方式 风扇散热

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