Southbound SA-3.91 Transparent grille LED display

South travel SA-3.91 transparent grid LED display has the characteristics of strip, hollow, transparent, does not affect the ventilation and lighting of the product form. It can be widely used in automobile 4S shops, tourist attractions, hotels, large shopping malls, glass walls and landmark buildings, etc., suitable for the construction of super large atrium display, is the first choice to create a landmark dynamic display landscape.


1. Flat and simple, frame type box splicing, smooth and seamless, efficient and clean,

2. High protection level, strong wind load capacity, hollow grid natural ventilation, screen body wind load capacity is very strong and the need to install cooling equipment, thereby saving costs IP67 protection level above, suitable for outdoor any harsh environment, weather.

3. High permeability 20%-70%, effectively protect the building lighting, farewell to the “screen no light” era.

4. Easy installation, fast maintenance, flame-retardant material and fast self-locking box design, without complex steel structure can be quickly installed by hand, before and after maintenance is simple and fast.

5. Energy saving, environmental protection and low energy consumption, 24 hours a day stable operation 365 days of continuous work, life up to 100,000 hours.

6. All day high and low temperature, all-weather low temperature resistance -40°C up to 60°C, wet and other weather environment.

Product parameters

Screen body technical parameters
Pixel pitch 3.91-7.8mm
The pixel composition is 1R1G1B
LED type SMD 1921
Display brightness 800-3500cd/m²(adjustable)
White balance brightness 800-3500cd/m²(adjustable)
Brightness control intelligent/manual
Color temperature 2000K~9500K(adjustable)
Viewing Angle 140° horizontal / 140° vertical
Pixel density 32768 dots/m²
Module resolution (W×H) 32×64 dots
Module size (W×H) 125×500mm
Box resolution (W×H) 256×64 points
Box size (W x H x D) 1000x500mm
Weight 4kg/panel
The area is 0.5 m²
Material aluminum profile
Protection level IP30/ IP30
Operating Temperature and humidity 0 ° C to +40 ° C /10% to 90%RH No condensation
Storage Temperature and humidity -10 ° C to +50 ° C /10% to 90%RH No condensation
Color processing bits 14 bits
Gray level 16384 levels per color
Color 4.39 trillion
Single point brightness correction has
Single point colorimetric correction has
Brightness uniformity ≥98%
Chrominance uniformity (x, y) within ±0.003
The frame rate is 60 Hz
Picture refresh rate ≥1920 Hz
Input power supply AC110~240V,50/60Hz
Input power (Max.) 800 W/m²
Input power (typical) 270 W/m²
Service life ≥100,000 Hours
LED wavelength R:625~635nm G:525~535nm B:465~475nm(actual value within 3nm)
Drive mode Constant current drive,1/8 sweep
Installation mode Fixed installation
Maintenance mode Post-maintenance
Communication connection shielded twisted pair cable (L≤100m); Multi-mode optical fiber (L≤500m); Single-mode fiber (L≤20km)


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