southbound indoor (outdoor) single and double color LED display P10 module can be widely used in conference rooms, hotels, transportation, parking lots, sports stadiums, schools, stations, airports, hospitals, banks, docks, buses, internal revenue service, industrial and commercial administration departments, talent markets, shopping malls, bidding offices, theaters, tourist attractions, leading and counting places.


With high brightness LED and high contrast of high-quality plastic parts, good display effect can be achieved. Weight is easy to install and disassemble. The LED pixel pitch is 10mm in constant voltage mode, with a total of 32*16 pixels, each pixel is composed of 1R.
1, the outdoor P10 constant pressure four sweep single red unit board is mainly composed of red LED matrix, and then fixed to the plastic kit;
2, the unit board contains a driver chip and input buffer chip, connected to the LED display control system can display video, images and text information;
3, through the PWM signal to drive the red LED driver chip, can form 256 kinds of color transformation;
4, the unit board can be spliced horizontally and vertically to form a display of different sizes;

Campus publicity: LED single and two-color screen can be used for campus publicity activities and information release, its display effect is good, flexible form, can make teachers and students on campus more intuitive and profound to receive information, powerful communication function.

Public institutions: In the government, offices of public institutions, public display Spaces and other areas, LED single and two-color screens are often used for government publicity, policy issuance, and publicity of regulations, etc., to improve the efficiency of staff internally and expand the publicity effect externally.

Commercial supermarket: In the commercial supermarket door, entrance and other places, LED single and two-color screen will help businesses effectively guide customers to shop, can be used to play shopping guide information, promotion discounts, customer greetings, etc., both to improve the image of businesses, but also to attract users, promote consumption.

Billboard: LED single and double color screen is widely used in indoor and outdoor billboards, venues, commercial advertising, information release and other places. Depending on the display color, the LED display can be divided into monochrome, two-color and full-color types.

LED single and double color screens have played an important role in a variety of places, improving efficiency, strengthening the publicity effect, and providing a better visual experience.

Product parameters

Screen body technical parameters
Pixel shape Square pixel center distance 10 mm
The pixel center distance of 10mm pixel core constitutes 1 pure white
The pixel chip consists of 2 red 1 green pixels per square meter number 10000 points
Unit board resolution (W*H) point *8 point module
Number of pixels per square meter 3906 module dimensions 320mm wide x 160mm high
Box size (W*H) 512mm*512mm module resolution width 32 pixels x height 16 pixels
Screen brightness (average) ≥7000cd/ m2 Power supply and working environment
Angle of view horizontal 120°, vertical up 10° down 30° Operating temperature -25 ° C ~ +60 ° C
Maximum power consumption 600W/㎡ Relative humidity 10%-95%RH
Power consumption 200W/㎡ ~ 300W/㎡ Power supply requirements 220V±15% or 380V±15%
Screen weight (excluding support structure) <60kg/m2 The operating voltage of the display is 220V±15%, 50Hz
Power supply 220V±15% 50Hz Power consumption (average) 100W/m2
Grayscale 256 ~ 8192 grayscale /1677216 colors maximum power 350W/m2
Display mode VGA640X480 – VGA1600X1024 LED display control system
Screen life is more than 100,000 hours Control mode Computer asynchronous offline, network control, wireless U disk control
Screen refresh frequency ≥360HZ Control software LED advertising screen dedicated display control software
Communication distance ≤100M (twisted-pair no trunk) /1200M(optical fiber) Supported computer operating system Windows7/XP/Me/2000/98
Relative temperature -25 ° C to +60 ° C Supported computer display modes VGA640X480 – VGA1600X1024
Relative humidity 10%-95%RH Main technical parameters
Control software led advertising screen special display control software screen life of more than 100,000 hours
The best visible distance from the front 10-200m system average trouble-free time >10000 hours
Communication port VGA continuous working time >72 hours
Control mode Computer real-time control, corresponding to the computer monitor dot display color type red
The screen refresh speed is 150 frames/SEC. The viewing Angle is ≥160° horizontally and ≥160° vertically
The out-of-control point of the whole screen ≤ 0.5 ‰ brightness >3500cd/m2
Brightness uniformity Minimum pixel brightness/maximum pixel brightness <0.9 The best viewing distance from the front 5-200m
The average trouble-free time of the system is >10000 hours. The screen refresh rate is 200 frames/second
Drive mode Constant current drive screen refresh frequency ≥300HZ
Scanning Mode Static scan indicates that the out-of-control point of the entire screen ≤0.0001
Power protection with over temperature, over current, over voltage and other technologies brightness uniformity Minimum pixel brightness/maximum pixel brightness <0.9
Normal bright spot within 1 year ≤2/10000 flatness ≤0.1mm
Blind spot within 1 year ≤2/10000 Stitching spacing ≤0.3mm
Operating system Windows98/Me/2000/Xp Normal bright spots ≤1/10000
Brightness setting value ≥7500CD/㎡ down 64 stages adjustable blind spot ≤1/10000
Main driver chip manufacturer and Model specifications MBI5026 Drive mode Constant current drive
Full screen brightness adjustment level 64 Automatic or manual scanning 1/4 scan
Frame transfer Mode Synchronous frame switching Level of screen brightness adjustment 32 automatic or manual levels
Heat dissipation mode Partially sealed convection heat dissipation mode Fan heat dissipation mode



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