southbound outdoor SA-P10.4 LED grille screen with strip, hollow, transparent, does not affect the ventilation and lighting of the product form and other characteristics. It can be widely used in automobile 4S stores, tourist attractions, large shopping malls, building facades and landmark buildings, etc., suitable for the construction of super large outdoor display, and is the first choice for creating landmark dynamic display landscape.

LED outdoor waterproof grille screen, outdoor waterproof, high brightness, simple installation, energy saving, does not block the building permeability of up to 70%, thin and transparent.


1. Flat and simple, frame type box splicing, smooth and seamless, efficient and clean,

2. High protection level, strong wind load capacity, hollow grid natural ventilation, screen body wind load capacity is very strong and the need to install cooling equipment, thereby saving costs IP67 protection level above, suitable for outdoor any harsh environment, weather.

3. High permeability 20%-70%, effectively protect the building lighting, farewell to the “screen no light” era.

4. Easy installation, fast maintenance, flame-retardant material and fast self-locking box design, can be quickly installed by hand, before and after maintenance is simple and fast.

5. Energy saving, environmental protection and low energy consumption, 24 hours a day stable operation 365 days of continuous work, life up to 100,000 hours.

6. All day high and low temperature, all-weather low temperature resistance -40°C up to 60°C, wet and other weather environment.

Product parameters

Screen body technical parameters
Product Model List 10.41-10.41
The lighting color is full color
Pixel distance W10.41MM*H10.41MM
Lantern Kingdom Star 3535
Lamp board processing mode patch
Permeability ≤30%
Nearest visual distance (M) 10M-200M
Maximum power consumption/m² 800W
Average power consumption /m² 400W
Container size (MM) W500 x H1000 x D7OMM
Square image decimal 9216
Scan mode static
Display brightness 7000
The screen refreshes at 3840Hz
Package mode Organic silicone package
Protection level IP67
Grayscale 12bit
Brightness adjustment 256 levels
Screen material aluminum frame + light strip
Drive C FM/MY
Panel power supply Dedicated LED panel power supply
Input voltage A C-240V
Working environment -10~45C
Installation Mode Before and after maintenance Installation mode
The warranty period is three years
LED lamp bead life life of 100,000 hours
Heat dissipation mode Aluminum alloy natural heat dissipation
Appearance technology



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