southbound indoor flexible SP-P1.8LED display soft module can be widely used in conference rooms, command and dispatch, live studios, monitoring centers, radio stations, school classrooms, exhibition halls, security, stations, airports, hospitals, tourist attractions, TV studios and other high-end special modeling scenes.

1. The indoor full-color display effect is more clear and delicate, and the resolution can reach more than 1080P; Achieve high refresh rate, high gray scale and high lamp utilization rate; No residual shadow, anti-” caterpillar “, low power consumption, low surge and other functions;

2. Indoor full-color display is mainly composed of red LED chips, green LED chips and blue LED chips packaged into a pixel matrix, and then fixed to the plastic kit;

3. The indoor full-color display contains a driver chip and an input buffer chip, which can be connected to the LED display control system to display video, images and text information;

4. Through the system control of the driver chip driving red LED, green LED and blue LED, 4,398 billion color changes can be formed;

5. The unit board and box can be spliced horizontally and vertically to form display screens of different sizes;

6. Product features:

High quality lamp, high efficiency lamp brightness utilization rate, while ensuring the service life of the lamp and high quality soft silicone bottom case
High contrast can achieve good display effect
Single point, single lamp maintenance, low cost
Constant current drive LED, uniform light, low power consumption
Easy installation: standard with strong magnetic magnet, easy to stick, solid adsorption
Silicone bottom case: Deep V-shaped silicone bottom case design makes the unit plate softer and supports large Angle display
Strong adhesion: The use of good temperature resistance, high adhesion of 3M adhesive, silicone bottom shell does not degumming, lamp board does not warping Angle, more secure use
Free DIY: Easily create cylindrical screen, ribbon screen, wave screen, so that the screen body more creative, the shape of a variety of changes
Compact and convenient: the screen body is thin, beautiful and generous, and takes up less installation space
The driver chip uses SSOP package constant current driver chip.

Product parameters

Screen body technical parameters
Brightness ≥450cd/㎡ Brightness uniformity > 0.95
Best visual distance ≥1.9m indoor use environment
Maximum power per square unit board ≤439W/㎡

Distribution power (maximum power per square ÷78%÷85%) ≤663W/m2
Gray level Red, green, blue 13-14bits each display color 4,398 billion
Frame change frequency ≥60 frames/second refresh frequency 3840Hz
Control mode Computer control, point-by-point one-to-one correspondence, video synchronization, real-time display brightness adjustment 256 manual/automatic
Input signal DVI/VGA/HDMI/DP, composite video signal, S-VIDEO, YpbPr(HDTV)
Service life ≥ 100,000 hours Average trouble-free time ≥ 10,000 hours
Attenuation rate (working for 3 years) ≤ 15% continuous runaway point 0
Discrete runaway point < 0.0001, factory zero Blind spot rate < 0.0003, factory zero
Operating temperature range -20-40℃ Operating humidity range 10%-65%RH (no condensation)
Protection Performance Over temperature/overload/power failure/image compensation/various correction techniques/Over current/Over voltage/lightning protection (optional)
Screen horizontal flatness < 1mm/㎡
Vertical flatness of screen < 1mm/㎡
Technical parameters of the unit board
Image point spacing 1.86mm pixel density 288906Dots/㎡
The pixels constitute the 1R1G1B lamp package SMD1515
Dimensions (Length * width * thickness) 320*160*7.4mm Weight 0.27kg±0.01kg
The resolution of the integrated unit board is 172*86=14792Dots
Input voltage (DC) 4.5±0.1V Maximum current ≤5A
Unit board power ≤23W Drive mode 1/43 constant current drive
Number of 40A power supply with unit boards 5-6 Number of 50A power supply with unit boards 7-8
Number of 40A PFC power modules 7 to 8 Number of 80A PFC power modules 10 to 12
Number of 40A PFC power modules 5-6 Number of 80A PFC power modules 8-10 Number of unit modules



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