southbound indoor single and two-color LED display P8 module can be widely used in conference rooms, hotels, transportation, parking lots, sports stadiums, schools, stations, airports, hospitals, tourist attractions, leading and counting places.

Campus publicity: LED single and two-color screen can be used for campus publicity activities and information release, its display effect is good, flexible form, can make teachers and students on campus more intuitive and profound to receive information, powerful communication function.

Public institutions: In the government, offices of public institutions, public display Spaces and other areas, LED single and two-color screens are often used for government publicity, policy issuance, and publicity of regulations, etc., to improve the efficiency of staff internally and expand the publicity effect externally.

Commercial supermarket: In the commercial supermarket door, entrance and other places, LED single and two-color screen will help businesses effectively guide customers to shop, can be used to play shopping guide information, promotion discounts, customer greetings, etc., both to improve the image of businesses, but also to attract users, promote consumption.

Billboard: LED single and double color screen is widely used in indoor and outdoor billboards, venues, commercial advertising, information release and other places. Depending on the display color, the LED display can be divided into monochrome, two-color and full-color types.

LED single and double color screens have played an important role in a variety of places, improving efficiency, strengthening the publicity effect, and providing a better visual experience.

Product parameters

Screen body technical parameters
10 mm

The pixel core consists of 1 pure red and 1 pure green
The number of pixels per square meter is 10000 points
Module dimensions 320mm wide x 160mm high
The resolution of the module is 32 pixels wide by 16 pixels high
Power supply and working environment
Operating temperature -25 ℃ ~ +60℃
Relative humidity 10%-95%RH
The power supply is 220V±15% or 380V±15%
The operating voltage of the display is 220V±15%, 50Hz
Power consumption (average) 200W/m2
Maximum power 600W/m2
LED display control system
Control mode synchronous control or computer asynchronous offline, network control, wireless U disk control
Control software led advertising screen dedicated display control software
Supported computer operating system Windows7/XP/Me/2000/98
Supported computer display modes VGA640X480 – VGA1600X1024
Main technical index parameters
Screen life is more than 100,000 hours
The average downtime of the system is >10000 hours
Continuous working time >72 hours
Display color types Red, green, yellow
Angle of view horizontal ≥160°, vertical ≥160°
Brightness >5500cd/m2
The best visible distance is within 5-200m
Screen refresh speed 200 frames/second
Screen refresh frequency ≥300HZ
The runaway point of the whole screen is less than 0.0001
Brightness uniformity Minimum pixel brightness/maximum pixel brightness <0.9
Flatness ≤0.1mm



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