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Projector and LED display size ratio conversion, calculation method, product advantages and disadvantages

2024-03-01 23:02:47

Projector and LED display size ratio conversion, calculation method, product advantages and disadvantages

Projectors are generally measured by how many inches to indicate the size of the area, and the LED display is usually calculated by square area, so it is often encountered that the original projector needs to be replaced by the LED display, from the inch how to convert to the square process. The following table is the specific size of 70 “-400” converted into square for reference.

LED display is composed of a small LED module panel, used to display text, images, video and other information equipment. LED display is widely used in commercial media, cultural performance market, sports venues, information dissemination, news release, securities trading, etc., can meet the needs of different environments.

1. Brighter screen

The brightness of the LED display is very high, from its use in the outdoor environment can be known, its brightness can meet the normal display in the case of direct sunlight, so this advantage is more obvious in the indoor display, whether there is light or lighting and other good lighting occasions, LED display can ensure no reflection, normal display content. In this case, the screen of the projector will be obviously white, and the effect will be better if the lights are turned off or even the curtains are drawn.

2, better clarity

Under normal circumstances, the LED display used in the room is used in some small pitch products, so the resolution is guaranteed, the clarity can meet the requirements of high-definition display, the same display a screen, the LED display is more clear, and the projector will be more fuzzy, there is a flower screen phenomenon.

3, more rich colors, better contrast

The LED display has wider color levels and higher contrast, so the color of the screen is richer when displaying content, and the projector will obviously feel the color is not correct, and the contrast between light and dark is not strong.

Projector is a device that can project images or videos to the screen, and can be connected to the computer, VCD, DVD, BD, game console, DV, etc., through different interfaces to play the corresponding video signal. Projectors are widely used in homes, offices, schools and entertainment places, according to different ways of working, there are CRT, LCD, DLP and other different types.

1. The price is cheap

The price of a projector is generally about 1,000 yuan for household products, and tens of thousands of yuan for high-brightness products, while the LED display starts at more than 10,000 yuan according to the size of the point spacing, so the price difference is still relatively large, which is related to our overall budget range.

2, simple installation

The projector is composed of two parts, one is the curtain is usually directly hung on the wall, the other is the projector, it can be hoisted on the roof or flat on the table, relatively speaking, the installation is much simpler, do not require professional installation. The LED display is more professional, the installation is more complex, and it will break the lamp beads slightly, so it needs professional technical engineers to install and debug it.

3, no after-sales fees

Projectors have almost no after-sale costs after installation and usually don’t break down. The LED display in the installation and use of the phenomenon of dead lights, then in order to maintain the overall display effect must be repaired and welded to the lamp bead, will produce a certain cost.

LED display and projector are two of the most commonly used screen display equipment in daily work and life, LED display in recent years, the price drop is larger, has become a very popular electronic equipment products, but also slowly replacing the projector market, LED display higher definition, better effect, in short, both have their own advantages, so, Many users will struggle with LED display and projector which is good, you can choose according to the difference between LED display and projector. Users who do not know which LED display and projector is good and which display to buy can choose according to the advantages and characteristics of the two. For users with high screen quality requirements and high-end and regular use occasions, you can choose to buy LED displays; For users who have low display requirements, pay attention to portability, and do not have a high budget, it is more appropriate to buy a projector.


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