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These three indoor, outdoor, sub-outdoor LED display difference

2023-12-01 23:10:54

LED display is a flat panel display used to display text, images, video, video signals and other information. At present, the industry mainly divides LED display into the following three categories according to the application scenario: indoor LED display, outdoor LED display sub-outdoor LED display.
First, indoor LED display

Is a widely used in business, education, entertainment and other places of large screen display equipment, with moderate brightness, high definition, high contrast, long life and other characteristics, suitable for close viewing, indoor LED display as a modern large screen display equipment, has a wide range of application prospects. Second, outdoor LED display

It is a kind of large screen display equipment widely used in outdoor advertising media, publicity, guidance and other scenes, with high brightness, long visual distance, large display area and other characteristics, the screen weight is heavier, the screen itself has a higher protection level and the ability to resist adverse environment. Outdoor LED display as a new favorite of outdoor media, with media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display and other uses.

Third, outdoor display

Is between indoor and outdoor LED display, moderate brightness, suitable for near and medium distance viewing, installation environment is mainly outdoor environment with eaves, screen body generally does not have waterproof function, it is widely used in banks, studios, beauty salon, clothing stores, mobile phone stores and other store doors.

Different types of LED display have their own application advantages, in the bustling commercial wall, enterprises are used to advertise to expand customers; In the busy shopping square, businesses install door screens to display activity information to attract people; And in the digital conference room, decision makers can be used to coordinate command, improve the efficiency of decision-making LED display only with the scene to make them play their own advantages, create more value!


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