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LED display to bring what shock big picture

2023-11-28 07:10:07

In this age of appearance and justice, everything beautiful is worth stopping to see. With the upsurge of “experiential concept”, shopping centers have carried out different degrees of optimization and transformation, hoping to seize more consumers through personalized space experience and bring new development momentum for shopping centers.

Las Vegas Arena

MSG Sphere is a $2.3 billion unique arena with 17,600 seats and 20,000 standing capacity. The venue is equipped with a 16K LED surround screen, and the spherical display covers 160,000 square feet. MSG Sphere plans to host four to six permanent performances per year, making it the largest sphere complex in the world. It has the world’s largest LED screen, the center stage for the upper layer of 10m diameter circular screen, the lower layer of 14m*14m square three-dimensional screen, the perfect combination of the two to provide immersive experience for the stage. The LED screen of the sphere is named Exosphere, and the Exosphere will play an important role in the building. The LED screens cover an area of more than three football fields and wrap around, above and behind the stage, providing viewers with a fully immersive experience 100 times sharper than today’s best HDTVS.

Times Square, New York – The most recognizable giant screen in the world is the one in New York’s Times Square. The giant LED display, made up of 24 million leds, is eight stories tall and the length of a football field and is located at 1535 Broadway in New York City. The world’s most fashionable and cutting-edge design and information are gathered here, attracting the attention of the world, and the diversity of its content is called “treasure box”.
This giant screen is the king of billboards, it can bring immeasurable publicity effect, it is understood that four weeks of advertising costs about 2.5 million dollars, the world’s most expensive outdoor advertising. Madrid Premark The atrium of Premark in Madrid is a creative multimedia space surrounded by transparent screens. Changing theme, cool light and shadow effect, so that the main fashion quality of the mall more scientific and avant-garde sense. The beautiful scene, interactive, accustomed to seeing print advertising is now presented through a multidimensional perspective, immersive, vivid space to attract many consumers to punch the card, shopping mall sales will also increase. Chengdu Renhe New City, Chengdu Renhe New City in the atrium, also placed a large LED screen. The big screen is not just a visual display, you can also interact with the animation on the screen in real time. At the same time, on the other side of the mall, there is a large shaped screen that runs through three floors. Continuous animation, every frame will be “creative” display incisively and vividly, so that the entire shopping center is immersed in the artistic atmosphere.
Multi-layer platform combined with the latest photoelectric projection technology, like a shining “pillar of light” in the night sky, with music and people to deduce more possible business scenes.

Lumiere Museum, France – Ukiyo-e Light Film Exhibition Immersive LED not only appeared in the daily streets and scenes, but also appeared in the art exhibition. Now art can provide a wonderful immersive experience through the medium of technology, making people feel like they are in a dream. Through digital imaging, interactive projection and new immersive experience and other modern technologies, create a visual, auditory and tactile painting sensory art journey!
Using light and shadow colors to harmonize the “image of the floating world”, people shuttle between the light and shadow art, art is no longer lofty and few, it is a new form of expression into life, not only can enjoy the elegant and popular, but also for people to learn and enjoy.

Water tank in South Korea
A giant “water tank” that has gone viral on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, is causing fear. In fact, when you look closer, you will find that this “big water tank” is a huge LED curved screen, which shows the huge energy of “choppy” through multimedia images. Miraculously, the screen can also automatically adjust the proportions and tones that are comfortable for the human eye as the light moves and changes. If the entrance to your office building is the lower entrance, will you feel very new and surprising? Modern science and technology is like a magician, the LED screen is a magic board, the use of light and shadow color to create a perfect migration from two-dimensional flat to multidimensional moving images, each frame is eye-catching and shocking.

Suzhou Museum’s “Su Color Life Hall” takes time solar terms as the theme and color objects as the content. Through the all-round LED screen, it creates an immersive digital intelligent color synaesthesia space, interprets the dynamic Suzhou life aesthetics under the 24 solar terms, and forms a narrative content based on the Suzhou traditional folk culture and life aesthetics.
In the “Beginning of Spring · Happening” exhibition, the LED screen perfectly integrates with the exhibition theme, and the artist uses programming software to make countless groups of petals circulate between disorder and order. In the virtual space formed in the surround LED screen of the exhibition hall, they flow and dance with the rhythm of music, while the petals around the stage also dance together.

Shanghai Bund Central Square
The Bund Central Square has witnessed the bustling past of Nanjing Road for a hundred years, and now it is redecorated, the integration of classic architecture walls and modern technology, the lingering jazz music, African drums and air model clown parade performances daze the atmosphere of the scene, and interpret the new concept of urban life of “buildings can be read, blocks can be walked, and cities have temperature”. The scene attracted many tourists to come to watch this visual feast.

The beautiful glass dome, the walls of classic old buildings and the cool naked eye 3D large screen are built into a three-dimensional space for multimedia display. Through the integration of historical buildings and modern technology, citizens and visitors can experience the light and shadow interpretation of “buildings can be read, streets are suitable for walking, and the city is always warm”.


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