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Full color HD LED display three basic knowledge

2023-11-27 23:31:08

With the continuous innovation and improvement of LED technology, the application of full-color LED display in various industries is more and more extensive, such as exhibition halls, business halls, conference halls, shopping malls, hotels, brand stores and other occasions are more common. Here, some customers may not understand the basic common sense of full-color LED display, the following to share with you.

1. Normal switching of full-color LED display

1. Switching sequence:

A, first turn on the control computer to make it run normally and then turn on the full-color LED display;

B, turn off the full-color LED display first, and then turn off the computer. (Turn off the computer first and turn off the large screen, which will cause high highlights in the screen body, and may burn the lamp beads for a long time)

2. After the computer enters the engineering control software, the screen can be turned on and powered on, and the switching screen time interval should be greater than 5 minutes.

3. Avoid opening the screen in the all-white screen state, because the impact current of the system is large at this time.

4. Avoid uncontrollably opening the screen

(A) The computer does not enter a program such as control software; B. The computer is not powered on; C. The control part of the power supply is not turned on), because the impact current of the system is large at this time.

5. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition is not good, pay attention not to open the screen for a long time.

6. The power switch of the display screen often trips, and the screen body should be checked in time or the power switch should be replaced.

Second, the daily use of full-color LED display

1. Regularly check the firmness of the connection, if there is loosening, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforcement or update the hanger.

2. Check the line and switch regularly to keep the switch dry to avoid leakage and electric shock accidents.

3. The air conditioner can be used to dehumidifying the room, placing desiccant and physical moisture absorption methods to keep dry and prevent moisture on the display screen.

4. During the rainy season, it is recommended to use it at least once a week and light it for at least 2 hours each time.

5. Moderate indoor ventilation can allow the water vapor attached to the display screen to evaporate quickly and reduce the humidity of the indoor environment.

6. Long-term non-use, should often power maintenance and debugging; If it is not used for a long time, dead lights and blind spots are likely to appear when it is enabled, so it is necessary to often power on to debug the screen.

Third, the full color LED display control part of the change, change precautions

1. The power line zero and fire of the computer and control part can not be reversed, and should be plugged strictly according to the original position. If there are peripherals, after the connection is completed, the case should be tested for power.

2. When mobile computers and other control devices are powered on, they should first check whether the connection line and the control board are loose.

3. Can not arbitrarily change the communication line, flat connection line position, length.

4. If you find short circuit, tripping, wire burning, smoke and other abnormal appearance after moving, you should not repeatedly power test, you should find the problem in time.

5. Control the use time, it is recommended that the rest time is more than 2 hours per day, generally open the screen at least once a month, light up for more than 2 hours.

6. Control the current of the screen body, do not play for a long time in full white, full red, full green, full blue and other full bright screen, so as to avoid excessive current, excessive heat of the power line, may damage the LED light, affect the service life of the display.


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