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After the epidemic 2023 outdoor LED advertising screen growth is stable

2023-11-23 07:10:07

Recently, CODC outdoor advertising research and release information shows that after the epidemic, China’s outdoor advertising revenue has not been greatly affected, the first half of 2023 national outdoor advertising example spending is about 96.188 billion yuan, an increase of 11%, an actual increase of 10%, a net increase of 9%, showing a recovery growth trend. This conveys a very positive market signal: in the era of mobile phones, ipd, notebooks, outdoor advertising market still maintains a stable growth trend, indicating that people’s acceptance of outdoor advertising is still very high. Then, it is an opportunity for outdoor LED advertising screen companies.

At present, China’s outdoor LED advertising screen mature, screen companies often according to the common user needs, to provide customers with a set of overall solutions, including: LED display subsystem, control subsystem, power supply subsystem, video management subsystem, audio subsystem, structural subsystem. This solution is attractive to customers for several reasons:

01 Rich display content

Breaking the single form of expression of conventional outdoor media, it can support a wide range of formats such as pictures, videos, web pages, text, audio, PDF, etc., to meet the needs of a variety of advertising materials.

02 Various forms of control

For example, the screen position is easy to manage, and the program can be imported and played through the computer or U disk; If it is not convenient for personnel to control the screen at close range, it can be managed in the LAN; If the outdoor network is inconvenient to build, it can also be equipped with 4G modules to easily achieve cross-regional cluster management of the display screen.

03 The product is safe and reliable

The outdoor environment is harsh, need to withstand the heat and cold, wind and rain and other environmental tests, LED display is strong protective, can prevent high temperature, corrosion, dust, waterproof, lightning, shock and so on, while the LED screen has a long service life, do not need to be replaced often.

04 Flexible playback mode

Outdoor media solutions can provide a variety of playback forms, in addition to a single material rotation, can also combine a variety of different materials (pictures, videos, text, etc.), and through certain rules (day, week, number of plays, etc.) to achieve flexible content playback. It can also meet the regular playback, content rotation, interstitiation and other playback forms to meet the needs of users.

05 Strong eye catching ability

LED display brightness is high, the display is clearer in the sunny environment during the day, and the color restoration is high. The screen display is uniform, with a high refresh rate, so that the display screen is more delicate, smooth, and no water ripple. Outdoor LED screen can achieve a large area seamless splicing display, mainly to play naked eye 3D based outdoor advertising.

It is precisely because of these significant advantages that China’s outdoor LED advertising screen market has broad prospects. In particular, the development of nake-eye 3D, outdoor grille screen and raster screen is very fast, and it is expected that outdoor LED advertising screens will develop in the direction of high-definition intelligence and COB in the future.

Naked eye 3D helps outdoor LED advertising screen to take off rapidly

Before the birth of the naked eye 3D, people are tired of all kinds of overwhelming outdoor advertising, they are generally dominated by text and pictures, the content is monotonous, the advertising words are hot, the creativity is limited, and the people are bored. However, since the popularity of the naked-eye 3D water cylinder screen in South Korea in 2019, it has opened a creative skylight for outdoor advertising, a variety of creative videos and the blessing of interactive functions, and people are immersed in it, actively participate in interaction, and get an unprecedented sense of experience. After this innovative business model was recognized, it was quickly carried forward in China and later landed around the world.

The naked eye 3D outdoor screen, with the help of people’s visual dislocation, the audience can feel the shocking three-dimensional 3D effect without carrying any equipment, which is very attractive. At present, in some urban commercial centers, crowded areas often see its figure, mainly its super shocking visual and auditory effects can attract customer attention, coupled with interactive functions, greatly enhance the audience experience, help businesses attract customers and improve customer conversion rate. Nowadays, many naked eye 3D projects have become local Internet celebrities, which also enhance the influence of local cities and promote local regional economic development, so they are welcomed. Screen world believes that this mature business model has an immediate effect, and is expected to have a certain period of heat and be more prosperous in overseas markets.

Grille screens and raster screens shine in the field of outdoor LED advertising

At present, grille screen, raster screen with light penetration and other advantages, in the LED outdoor advertising shine. On some glass curtain walls, the grating screen and grating screen are installed, because they are very light and do not require heavy support, and the installation is very convenient; Indoor/outdoor installation outdoor display, not subject to advertising approval restrictions; High permeability, does not affect the appearance of the building, and energy saving; High brightness, ultra-high definition, even during the day to play content, the display effect is also very shocking; Easy and fast maintenance…… Highly recognized by society. In some high-end real estate, construction Bridges and other scenes, we often see its figure, which is also the current hot products.

The development of smart light pole screen is strong and has broad prospects

At present, with the construction of smart cities and digital cities, smart light pole screens have been popularized and are also recognized abroad. At present, in Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other urban roads can see the bright light pole screen. It shows clearly, even from a distance can clearly see the content playing on it; Bright colors, visual fatigue; The content is rich, and the broadcast can be advertising or navigation routes or weather forecasts, etc., which greatly facilitates people’s lives… With the reduction of costs and the maturity of technology, the future penetration rate will be greatly improved. In some other cities around the world, smart light pole screens are also gradually landing, and there is expected to be 10 billion market demand. At present, China’s smart light pole screen standard is sound, and the standardization of the market is also conducive to accelerating the popularization. The current problem is that the cost is still relatively high, involving multiple departments, insufficient maintenance in the later period, and so on, so it is difficult to promote.

High-definition intelligence, landing is another development direction of outdoor LED display

With the LED chip miniaturization, the outdoor LED display point spacing is getting smaller and smaller, the display effect is becoming more and more high-definition, the intelligent and human-computer interaction function is becoming more and more powerful, and the social acceptance is also constantly improving. LED outdoor display after the climax of the development of grille screen and naked eye 3D visual effect screen, is ushering in another market blue ocean – floor close display project. Such as outdoor advertising machines, advertising signs, bus stops and outdoor exhibition displays, etc., will be applied in more floor projects with the reduction of point spacing, the improvement of heat dissipation technology, especially the maturity of COB technology and the continuous reduction of its cost.

COB display has made rapid progress in the indoor application market in recent years, and is gradually replacing SMD LED display products and gaining market favor. The display chip of COB packaging technology has high density, good display effect, good heat dissipation effect and high reliability; Ultra-thin, anti-collision and anti-pressure, wide color gamut, large viewing Angle, wear-resistant, easy to clean, easy to maintain… It may be more popular in new app markets. At present, while vigorously developing the indoor COB market, manufacturers have developed and produced outdoor COB display products.

Sum up

In 2023, the rapid recovery of the national cultural travel and other industries, the demand for outdoor advertising is still very large, which is an opportunity for the development of outdoor LED advertising screen enterprises. In particular, the naked eye 3D project, both at home and abroad have been highly recognized, is expected to remain hot, the market is still full of new machines. Grille screen, raster screen companies are being accepted by everyone in the field of outdoor advertising, before its outbreak, attention to quality, establish a reputation, will be the sound development of this field, the fundamental development. As the cost of COB decreases and the technology matures, it will also be applied to the field of outdoor LED advertising displays.

In addition, to develop the outdoor LED advertising screen market, in addition to excellent hardware equipment, software is also very important. At present, most of the enterprises with outdoor LED display have also developed a set of intelligent software system, and customers can directly use the supporting software system provided by the business after installation, which can be switched freely and interact quickly, and some can also be uniformly applied to other equipment, greatly improving the single rate and re-purchase rate. In the future, intelligent ultra-high-definition outdoor LED displays will be more popular.

All in all, the outdoor LED advertising application market, there are many broad space for development, is still full of vitality, full of opportunities.


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