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What are the specifications of the most commonly used modules for LED displays

2023-11-29 23:10:10

Many lay friends do not know what the common specifications of the LED display are, after knowing it, they do not know what P stands for, and what do the numbers behind it mean? There are different application scenarios. Today we share some common specifications with you

LED indoor table sticker small pitch series: P1.25-P1.56-P1.667-P1.875-P1.904-P1.923-P2
LED indoor sticker full color series: P2.5-P3-P4-P5-P6-P7.62-P10LED

Home appearance sticker full color series: P2.5-P3-P4-P5-P6-P8-P10LED

Rental screen series: P2.604-P2.976-P3.91-P4.81-P5.95LED

Indoor soft module series: 1.56-1.667-1.86-2.0-P2.5-P3-P4-P5LED

Lamp pole screen series: P2.5-P3-P4-P5LED

Floor tile screen series: P2.5 / P2.976 / P3.91 / P4.81 LED

Indoor spherical screen series :P1.86,P2,P2.5,P3,P4LED

Waterproof outdoor grille screen series: 3.9-7.8/8.33-12.5/12.5-12.5/10.4-10.4/15.6-15.6/15.6-31.25 LED

Indoor transparent screen series: P2.6 P3.3 P3.9 P7.8 P10.4LED

Outdoor transparent screen series: P3.9-7.8 P3.9-8.9 P10.4LED

Film screen series: P4/8, P6.5, P6, P8, P10, P16, P20, P20/40LED

Photoelectric glass screen series: P10, P15, P20, P30, P40LED

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