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The World’s largest spherical building – MSG Sphere! It cost $2.3 billion!

2023-11-25 07:10:56

Recently, the world’s largest spherical building MSG Sphere officially opened to the public, since the huge spherical screen on the outside wall of the building lit up the night of Las Vegas, has set off a wave of praise on the global network, MSG Sphere will be the world’s first spherical immersive top entertainment venue, adding a new charm to the city that never sleeps.

MSG Sphere will cost $2.3 billion to build and accommodate nearly 20,000 people. The Irish rock band U2 performed the opening performance here, and MSG Sphere made its debut stage help to create an immersive, laminated screen main stage to ignite the scene!

01. Subvert the definition! Reconstructing a fantastic feast for the senses

MSG Sphere is located in downtown Las Vegas, it is about 90 meters high, about 150 meters wide, the outer surface is covered by LED screen, an area of about 55,700 square meters, more than 3 football fields, is currently the world’s largest LED screen. The 15,793 square meter LED screen is installed along the inside of the sphere, forming a huge internal spherical screen with a display area more than 40 times the size of IMAX, using multiple 8K cameras to capture 360-degree panoramic video, providing live audiences with an immersive experience 100 times clearer than today’s best HDTV.

MSG Sphere main stage to create a creative circular laminated center stage, the upper layer is 10m diameter circular screen, the lower layer is 14mx14m square three-dimensional screen, perfect combination to form an integrated stage, to help the venue to create an immersive experience in all aspects, to contribute to the success of U2’s first performance to show the strength of technology.

After the official opening of MSG Sphere, it will provide immersive experiences, art exhibitions, concerts, award ceremonies, product launches, sports events and other types of activities to bring fantastic sensory feast to the audience.

02. Creative customization to create the world’s attention to the laminated screen main stage

MSG Sphere this world attention giant ball building took five years to build, LED display coverage in the world’s second to none, its huge engineering is unprecedented.

03. Efficient team, perfect combination of standard and customization

After the start of the “MSG Sphere” project, the research and development personnel of the project team divided their work and cooperated, from the program design to the implementation of the landing, zoning design, the design of the box structure drawings of nearly 300 drawings, and the design of the floor tile bracket, the box, the lamp board and other designs exceeded 700.


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