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LED display resolution how to distinguish understanding

2023-11-20 23:10:41

1080P,4K,2160P and 8.3MP are often used to indicate the resolution of the video, but so many names, often confused and confused, so today to make the video resolution clear.


720P,1080P, etc., represents the “total number of video pixels”, for example, 720P means that the video has 720 lines of pixels, and 1080P means that the video has a total of 1080 lines of pixels,1080P resolution cameras usually the number of pixels is 1920*1080. The “P” itself stands for “Progressive scanning,” an abbreviation for progressive, as opposed to Interlaced.


2K,4K, etc., means “the total number of columns of video pixels”, such as 4K, means that the video has 4000 columns of pixels, specifically 3840 or 4096 columns. A 4K resolution camera usually has a pixel count of 3840 × 2160 or 4096 × 2160.

The comparison between 1080P and 4K is as follows:


MP is the total number of pixels, that is, the result of multiplying the number of rows (P) and columns (K) of pixels (megapixels). For example, a 1080P camera is 1920 pixels multiplied by 1080 pixels to get a total of 2MP (megapixels).

Which expression is good:

The “P” is the least meaningful, because the “P” is the “vertical” pixel measurement, which is not very applicable in the video surveillance industry. Because, the current commonly used “pixel density” calculation (PPF/PPM) is measured in the “horizontal direction”. In this way, the expression of “K” is relatively more meaningful, because it directly gives the horizontal pixel measurement, which is very convenient for PPF calculation and comparison.

Here are a few pictures to give you an intuitive feel.


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