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LED display color deviation? The screen is only half displayed?

2023-11-23 23:10:41

LED display only shows half of this problem is mainly caused by what? How should we repair it?
1. The location of the set display area is incorrect: This is to reset the size of the display area in the display player software and adjust it
2. Set the font too large: still adjust the font size in the player software
3. Unit board problem: The board is broken, of course, can not be displayed, replace the board, this situation is not common
A problem like this is usually a setup problem. It is also possible that the unit is malfunctioning. But the odds are slim. Let’s look at a similar problem below:

This problem is mostly a hardware problem, generally caused by the following problems.
1. Power cord problem: As the first excluded object. It is very likely that the power cord on the unit board is loose, causing the display to be incomplete.
2. Power supply problem: This is generally a power module failure, resulting in the replacement of the power supply, but this situation is not common. As the second check object.
3. Damage to the control card: Damage to the control card leads to incorrect or incomplete data transmission.
4. Unit board problem: The board is broken, of course, can not be displayed, replace the board, this situation is not common.
LED display color how to deal with? LED display module side view between modules color and color, display color is inconsistent, what is this? First understand the main causes of LED display module color bias:
1, LED lamp problems: (including chip parameters inconsistent, packaging glue material defects, solid crystal position error, spectral color separation error and other factors), will affect the same batch of LED lamp luminous wavelength, brightness and Angle. Therefore, the production of LED electronic display has a very important process: mixed lights. All the LED lights of the same color are mixed evenly and then inserted on the PCB. The advantage of this is to avoid partial color bias of the LED module.
2, production process: LED module after the wave soldering, the LED position has been fixed, then you should not move it. However, because many companies do not have the protection conditions, they often collide and bend the LED lights in the process of testing, repair, welding, aging and transfer. Then, the so-called whole line is carried out before gluing, which easily leads to the irregular reversal of the lights on the LED screen, resulting in the module color bias.

3, power supply problem: in the design of LED display, for what kind of material (including power supply selection and dosage), can not be done in mind, power supply system problems, resulting in LED module power supply inequality.

4, control system, control IC: Because LED display manufacturers do not have LED display control system and control IC design and development, testing and production capabilities. Of course, the production of the display can not be guaranteed, the only thing you can do is to adjust the parameters.

Therefore, when the LED display module color problem caused by LED lights and production processes can only be repaired or replaced. When it is a power supply problem, the power lamp needs to be replaced. If it is the problem of the control system and IC, it can only be asked to repair or solve the problem.

The above is the common LED bar display failure causes and solutions, according to the simple to complex, from the most common problems to start one by one.


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