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What is the refresh rate of LED display? What does it do? Is the refresh rate appropriate?

2023-11-22 23:10:44

You know what? What is the LED display refresh rate related to?

What is the appropriate refresh rate?

LED display refresh rate is a very important parameter, we know that the LED display refresh rate has 480Hz, 960Hz, 1920Hz, 3840Hz and other several, the industry is called low brush and high brush, then LED display refresh rate and what? What determines the refresh rate? What effect does it have on our viewing? In addition, LED splicing into a large screen after the refresh rate set to how much is appropriate, this is some of the more professional problems, may be the user in the choice is also not clear in the fog, today we are detailed on the LED refresh rate problem to give you answers!

What is the refresh rate of LED display?

The refresh rate of the LED display is also called “visual refresh frequency” and “refresh frequency”, which refers to the number of times that the display screen is repeatedly displayed by the display screen per second, and the unit is Hz (Hertz).
Refresh rate is an important indicator to characterize the stability of the LED display screen without flickering. The higher the LED display refresh rate, the more stable the screen display, the smaller the visual flicker, in other words, the better the protection of vision.
What are the refresh rates of LED display?

Generally, there are three kinds of refresh rate of full-color LED display, which are 960Hz, 1920Hz, 3840Hz. 960Hz is often referred to as a low brush, 1920Hz as a general brush, and 3840Hz as a high brush.

What is the refresh rate of LED display related to?

In the several core components of the LED display – LED power supply, LED driver chip, LED lamp beads, LED driver chip has a greater impact on the screen refresh rate.
When using the ordinary driver chip, the refresh rate can only reach 960Hz, while the use of dual latch driver chip can greatly improve the refresh rate of the LED display, and the use of high definition and high order PWM driver chip can make the LED display refresh rate reach 3840Hz.
What is the difference between LED display brush and high brush?

LED display refresh rate as long as higher than 960Hz, the human eye is basically indistinguishable. High brush and general brush full color led display screen when playing video and pictures, it is almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye, but through mobile phones and high-definition cameras, video equipment shooting can be distinguished.
The screen with the normal brush will have water ripples when taking a photo with the phone, and the picture will appear to flicker, while the screen with the high brush will not have water ripples.
How much is the refresh rate of LED display appropriate?

How much of the refresh rate of the LED display is suitable mainly depends on the screen use and use environment. If it is an indoor full-color LED display, 1920Hz (general brush) can meet the needs, if you want to use photos, video, then it is recommended to choose 3840Hz high brush as far as possible.
Generally, only when the refresh rate is greater than 2 times the camera shutter speed, the LED display will not appear water ripples. At the shutter speed of 1/2000 second in the camera, the nearly 1000 refresh rate of the ordinary cross-flow driver IC and the 1920Hz refresh rate of the double-latched driver IC are not enough to avoid water ripples, only the high-definition and high-order PWM driver IC with a refresh rate above 3840Hz can ensure that the LED display does not appear water ripples when taking photos. The current film frame change frequency is generally 24Hz, that is, there are only 24 frames in one second. The 24Hz frame rate movie is played on the LED display with 3840Hz refresh rate, 3840/24 = 160 times, that is, each frame of the movie is refreshed by the display 160 times. This refresh speed, the human eye is not aware of the picture flicker, so the display fluency is better, higher clarity.


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