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LED display is applied in 9 important points of the stadium:

2023-11-14 22:49:41

LED display is applied in 9 important points of the stadium:

LED display is an indispensable part of the application of various venues and sports events, no matter the size of the event, LED display is very important, it also adds countless wonderful and passion for each game. Here are nine things to do with sports applications:

1, LED display court safety and stability of high performance

In public places, safety is the most important thing. There are large crowds for sports and events. Any failure or error will cause a great impact, so stable project quality is the objective requirements of users. For example, avoid using fiber optics to transmit signals that attenuate, and do not allow live or delayed broadcast pictures. You can also use some protective pads and other measures to prevent accidents. Dual power supply can be used in a way that when the power supply fails, another path can be automatically accessed without affecting the normal resulting large screen display.

2, the stadium display needs to support a variety of input interfaces

The stadium display is not only live broadcast by the camera, but also rebroadcasts TV and satellite TV programs, plays VCD, DVD,LD and various homemade video signal programs, supports PAL,NTSC and other formats, the content can also be displayed on the computer a variety of graphic video information, but also can be connected to the referee system, Timing and scoring system,LED screen real-time game time and score.

3, protection performance

For indoor and outdoor stadiums, it is necessary to consider the heat dissipation problem, especially in the summer outdoor high temperature weather, LED outdoor display should have a high flame retardant level, but also meet the IP65 protection standards, wire V0 flame retardant and other conditions, with its own cooling fan. For the fixed installation of LED outdoor display to install high altitude or large fan and other large cooling equipment, if it is coastal areas to consider tide resistance, plateau areas to consider cold resistance, desert areas to consider heat dissipation problems, so the screen is required to have a higher level of protection.

4, high refresh rate

Because the game is filmed with high-definition cameras, or broadcast live, the screen is required to have a higher refresh rate. If a conventional LED electronic large screen is used, the image taken will have water ripples, seriously affecting the overall beauty of the picture. Therefore, LED display manufacturers will use a high-brush driver IC for the screen in the stadium, so that the refresh rate of the screen reaches more than 3840Hz.

5, overall brightness contrast and energy efficiency

Due to the high brightness of the outdoor environment, the brightness of the LED outdoor display is required to be higher than that of the LED indoor display, but it is not the higher the brightness, the better. But the brightness, contrast and energy saving should be at a stable point, if the brightness is too high, then the color of the screen will be brighter, can not really restore the color. The selection of a full-color LED electronic large screen with a high energy efficiency design can ensure its stability and service life.

Gymnasium LED screen

6, LED fence screen

The LED fence screen is connected by many individual boxes, the weight of each box is controlled, and the buckle connection between the boxes is used to facilitate installation, disassembly and maintenance. There is a separate supporting foot behind each box, through which the Angle between the screen and the ground can be adjusted in the Angle range of 65-95° to ensure the viewing Angle of the audience. The soft mask is used in the screen, which can effectively protect the screen body and internal structure to prevent being hit by the ball. The top of the LED fence screen is equipped with soft pads, which can protect the players and ensure that the screen can be played normally.

7. Viewing distance

For large outdoor stadiums, it is necessary to take into account the audience watching from a long distance, so the general choice of a full-color LED display with a relatively large point spacing is 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. If the viewing intensity is higher and the viewing distance is closer, you can choose a screen with a point spacing of 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

8. Viewing Angle

Since the audience watches the screen from different angles, it is necessary to ensure that the vertical and horizontal viewing Angle of the screen is between 120-140° to ensure that the audience can have a better viewing effect. If it is a 360-degree live program, you can choose to install LED cylindrical screen or LED bucket screen.

9. Safety position and quantity

The LED display installed in the stadium should ensure that 95% of the audience in the fixed seats can see the content to be played on the screen. At the same time, the display screen is required to enable athletes, coaches and referees at the game site to see the content played on the screen.


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