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2023 LED industry first half report

2023-11-14 17:21:49

According to the analysis of 2023 car market demand, despite the slowdown in inflation in Europe and the United States, the global economy is still weak. Car manufacturers stimulate buying gas by lowering prices, but also let the overall car market into a cycle of price competition. When the car market enters the price competition cycle, it also leads to a significant decline in the price of automotive LED, and delays the development of some automotive LED products. Advanced technologies such as ADB Headlight, Mini LED Taillight, Full-Width taillight, Logo Lamp, and (smart) atmosphere lights are still expected to push up the automotive LED market size to 3.307 billion US dollars in 2023. Car lighting orientation personalization, communication display, driver assistance and safety upgrades

Automotive lighting and display market trends

1. Headlights

According to market analysis, the penetration rate of LED headlamps in the global passenger car reached 70% in 2022, of which the LED headlamp penetration rate of electric vehicles reached 92%, and it is expected to increase to 77% and 94% respectively in 2023.

ADB Headlights use Matrix LED as the mainstream design, through individually controlled high-performance LED, expand the driver’s night vision, can effectively increase the driver’s reaction time to the obstacles ahead, to achieve better road lighting; Glare-Free High Beam (GLare-free High Beam) reduces the discomfort caused by the headlights of the car in front of it, to the traffic and pedestrians. With the introduction of adaptive headlights in the Micro LED Pixel Array, the pixels that can accurately carry out independent digital control will be greatly increased to 10,000-100,000 pixels, and the more LED pixels, the more flexible the irradiation area can be adjusted to increase driving safety. And in order to meet the needs of regional market regulations, help lamp manufacturers reduce the cost of headlamp development, production and logistics in different regional markets. According to TrendForce Consulting analysis, the market penetration of ADB Headlight is only 3.7% in 2022 and is expected to reach 17.0% in 2027.

2. Taillights

Taillight design has also ushered in many new changes, the most obvious preferences of automakers and consumers at this stage are through taillight, Mini LED taillight, OLED-Like taillight. Mini LED Taillights: In response to the three major trends in automotive lighting – Personalization, Communication and advanced driver assistance systems/Autonomous Driving (ADAS/Autonomous Driving), Mini LED taillights are born. By the Mini LED high pixel area Dimming (Local Dimming) function, dynamically adjust the driving situation to change the display pattern, increase the recognition of the rear car to reduce the probability of accidents; When the vehicle is stationary, the lamp turns from illumination to display function to transmit vehicle-related information, such as charging progress. According to market research, Mini LED taillights have been imported into IM Motors, GWM SAR Mecha Dragon, and will have the opportunity to introduce Audi Q5 in the future.

3. Grille Lamp/Full-Width Front Stripe

Grille Lamp/Full-Width Front Stripe is mainly imported to Mercedes Benz EQS, Volkswagen ID.3 / ID.4, BYD, Xpeng P5, Changan Ford Mondeo, Sony VISION-S 02, BMW i7, Rolls-Royce Spectre, Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, Lucid, Ideal (Li Auto), etc. According to the TrendForce consulting survey, in 2023, many electric vehicle models will actively introduce grille lights, from a linear light source to a full broadband headlight strip design.

4. Ambiance lights

Atmosphere lamps have been imported to European and Chinese car factories for many years. Intelligent Ambient Light (Intelligent Ambient Light) is an RGB LED with built-in driver IC, which has been applied to BMW models since 2022, and gradually expanded to other European and Chinese models, expecting the market output value to grow year by year.

Intelligent atmosphere light cases: Red Flag H9, Geely polar Krypton (ZEEKR) 001, Leapmotor C01, BMW iX/i7 / XM, etc.

5. Car display

Inflation in Europe and the United States slows in 2023, but the global economy remains weak. Car manufacturers stimulate buying gas by lowering prices, but also let the overall car market into a cycle of price competition. When the car market enters the price competition cycle, it also causes the car manufacturers to slow down the Mini LED/HDR car display layout, and actively towards the car lighting application (headlights, taillights, grille lights/full broadband headlight strips). In the long term, with trends such as high dynamic contrast (HDR), Local Dimming, wide color gamut, and surface design, Mini LED/HDR vehicle display promotion manufacturers include General Motors, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, NIO, Roewe, Ideal, etc. LED specifications include 2016/3030/2525/1515 leds.

6. Head-up display

According to market analysis, with the steady growth of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and Smart Cockpit, the head-up display market demand will reach 952 million units in 2022. Augmented reality heads-up display (AR-HUD) needs to integrate cameras and sensors, product promotion and market growth is still waiting for time to fermentation, it is expected that augmented reality heads-up display (AR-HUD) market share will reach 33% in 2027, and priority to introduce high-end/electric vehicles in Europe and China.

AR HUD Picture Generation Unit (Picture Generation Unit; PGU technology is divided into TFT-LCD, DLP, laser beam scanning LBS (MEMS), LCOS, Micro/Mini LED and so on. TFT-LCD is still the mainstream of the market, and DLP and Micro/Mini LED are the future development direction.

2022 revenue performance of lamp manufacturers

In 2022, the global automotive lighting market reached 33.627 billion US dollars, and the top five international lamp manufacturers Koito, Valeo, Forvia Hella, Marelli, and SL Corporation covered 61.5% of the market share.

2022 automotive LED manufacturers revenue performance

According to the survey, the market share of the top three automotive LED manufacturers reached 69.2%; The market share of the top ten automotive LED manufacturers is as high as 97.6%.

Among them, Seoul Semiconductor automotive LED revenue growth of 14%, mainly benefited from vehicle backlight revenue; Samsung LED’s PixCell LED was also successfully imported into Tesla Model 3 / Y, which promoted its automotive LED revenue growth. With the increase of automotive LED production capacity, it will be up to 35% in 2022.

The market analyzes the development of the automotive LED market in five directions, respectively, the trend of automotive lighting and display products, the revenue and development strategy of lamp manufacturers, the price of lamps, the revenue performance and product strategy of LED manufacturers, and the price of LED products, to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding.


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