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There are two major LED projects with the latest progress, each invested 1 billion! 1.65 billion!

2023-11-14 17:13:20

in the display industry, the start is a sprint, the start is a decisive battle, and all in is the norm.

Over the past two decades, Chinese display enterprises have highlighted the siege, broken the display market that was once monopolized by Japan and South Korea, realized the localization of the whole industry chain of core screen making, and led China’s display products to go abroad.

At present, Micro LED is known as the “optimal solution” in the visual era, accelerating the upgrade of Mini/Micro LED display technology is particularly important for domestic enterprises to gain a firm foothold in the industry competition.

Therefore, the development of Mini/Micro LED has also been the focus of the market, whether it is a breakthrough in technical bottlenecks, or the advent of new products and the dynamics of related projects, will attract countless industry attention and discussion.

Since the beginning of this year, the construction of Mini/Micro LED related projects is being fully promoted. Recently, the Mini/Micro LED related projects of two companies, such as Vogo Optoelectronics and New Vision Tong, also reported the latest developments.


Wogaid company glass base MiniLED backlight substrate production line put into operation

On October 25, the glass-based MiniLED backlight substrate production line of Jiangxi Hong Display Technology Co., LTD., invested by VOGE Optoelectronics, was officially opened, and the first-phase production line pulling ceremony was held in Xinyu, Jiangxi, the group’s headquarters.

Jiangxide Hong Display Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2022, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOGE Optoelectronics, based on the group’s development strategy of “one body and two wings” in the next five years, Jiangxide Hong Display has undertaken the production capacity configuration of Mini/Micro LED glass substrates (serving backlight and direct display products), with a total production capacity planning of 5 million square meters.

The project plans a total investment of 1.65 billion yuan, a new plant of about 60,000 square meters, divided into two phases. The project officially started in September 2022, and in February this year, the first and second phases of the main project were completed and capped.

After several months of rapid construction, the equipment procurement and debugging of the first phase of the production line have been completed, technical personnel have been equipped in place, and the first phase of 1 million square meters of glass substrate fully automated intelligent manufacturing line body. After the project is put into production, the products will be widely used in vehicle, MNT display, TV, notebook PAD, as well as AR, VR and other small equipment.

With the official production of Dehong display line, the penetration rate of glass-based Mini LED backlight products will be greatly improved, bringing a more extreme visual experience and ultra-cost-effective products to end users.

Mr. Yi Weihua, chairman of VOGE Optoelectronics, said that Jiangxide Rainbow Display is the first large-scale project of the industrialization transformation of the group’s research and development achievements. The group takes the display industry as the main body of development, and aims at the market opportunity of comprehensive upgrading of traditional LCD display technology with the help of the high-speed development stage of the third-generation display technology Micro LED. It’s the first shot in Vog’s one-in-one, two-wing development strategy. In the future, the Group will fully enter the field of third-generation semiconductor display manufacturing.


Xinshitong Mini/Micro LED display production base project mass production

The news shows that the construction of the core production base of the new LED display is progressing smoothly. At present, the first production line of the second phase has been put into use and successfully achieved mass production.

According to reports, the total investment of the new vision LED display core production base project is 1 billion yuan, mainly producing Mini/Micro LED screens. The project is divided into three phases, with a total investment of 480 million yuan in the first phase and the second phase, mainly to build P0.6-P2.5 Mini LED screen production line, and 520 million yuan in the third phase, mainly to build advanced packaging production line, to independently develop chips and Micro LED screen production.

Among them, the first phase of the new vision LED display core production base project was officially put into operation in June last year.

New vision Tong manufacturing director Chen Fengqiang said that the company plans to start three production lines in the second phase, the first production line has been officially mass production, the monthly production capacity of about 1000 square meters, the remaining two production lines are planned to be put into use next year, is expected to reach 500 million yuan of annual output value.


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