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Purchase outdoor LED display “six big moves” must see!

2023-11-04 15:50:35

LED outdoor screen has now become a beautiful landscape in the city of high-rise buildings, however, the recent harsh climate environment, but also make the LED outdoor screen condition frequent, spontaneous combustion, leakage of quality safety accidents are common. So, what details should be paid attention to when purchasing LED outdoor screens?

Compared with the LED display for indoor applications, the outdoor LED advertising machine should have higher resolution indicators – to meet the display effect of various long-distance or high ambient light states. The resolution of the traditional LCD display can only reach 1024×768, and according to the actual test data show that the resolution of the outdoor application on the display device needs to reach at least 1920×1200, in order to display normally under the influence of sunlight, for LED advertising machine, “resolution” will not become too big a problem for its application.

However, the outdoor environment is changeable, in order to make the outdoor LED screen advertising machine adapt to the chaotic environment, in addition to the “resolution”, the waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, lightning protection, riot control, anti-reflection, anti-electromagnetic interference and so on are the digital notice system from indoor to outdoor to think about and solve the problem.

Outdoor LED screen advertising machine in addition to high resolution also need what?

Outdoor LED screen advertising machine to waterproof and dustproof: in order to use all outdoor, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing to face, the protection level of the display equipment housing must reach waterproof, the general waterproof level reaches IPX5, can operate normally in heavy rain; Dust is an important factor to reduce the efficiency of goods and accelerate the aging of goods, outdoor display equipment should have a specially designed dust structure and dust filter products, dust grade up to IP65.

Outdoor LED screen advertising machine to intelligent constant temperature: outdoor advertising machine will have three main aspects of heat from solar radiation, air convection, internal electronic components heating, etc., according to the regional temperature difference and equipment placement orientation of different liquid crystal advertising machine to determine the temperature control program. Some are air-conditioned heat dissipation, and some take forced air cooling heat dissipation. However, no matter what kind of heat dissipation scheme, the product generally meets the operating requirements of temperature: -30 ° C — 55 ° C, humidity: 10% — 90%.

Outdoor LED screen advertising machine to riot anti-theft: Outdoor display equipment is generally used in outdoor public places, public safety and the safety of the equipment itself are outdoor display to think about the problem, the general outdoor display equipment will use special tempered laminated glass, even if the glass is damaged, it can only produce a similar spider network of fine cracks, the debris firmly adhered to the middle layer, It can avoid personal injury or property loss caused by falling glass. In addition, facing the problem of anti-theft, screws should be avoided, and the lock with anti-theft function and solid structural support should be combined to solve the anti-theft problem.

Outdoor LED screen advertising machine to lightning protection: In order to complete all-weather outdoor playback performance, outdoor display equipment should also have a reliable lightning protection electronic control design, to provide safety assurance for equipment in thunderstorm days.

Outdoor LED screen advertising machine to anti-reflection: the display interface in the outdoor environment is clearly visible, anti-reflection is also an important aspect to think about, it is necessary to use a special coating treatment of glass, in order to improve the visual point of view and resolution of the screen, reduce screen reflection.

Anti-electromagnetic interference: the uncontrollability of the outdoor environment, so that the anti-electromagnetic interference function of the outdoor display equipment becomes very important, we can not go to transform the outdoor environment, but we can use shielding methods for the internal electrical parts of the equipment, that is, effectively prevent the interference of internal devices and cables to the signal, and prevent the interference of external electromagnetic on LED products.


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