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How to choose LED display module and box?

2023-10-31 15:05:44

First let’s know how is the LED display? How is it generated? LED display is composed of many modules, some manufacturers in order to facilitate export or do not need to customize on site, you can choose the box, The box is composed of many modules combined in a box (commonly used box specifications 960*960 cm, 640*480, 500*500, 500*1000 can be selected according to the needs of the site) the benefits of the box are also a lot, do not need to build a complex structure, simple installation, in the composition of the LED display, At present, there are only two options for modules and boxes, we should use how to choose better, the following is our interpretation of these two:


The LED module is the core component of the LED display, which is composed of several LED lamp beads. LED module size, resolution, brightness and other parameters can be customized according to demand. LED module with high brightness, high definition, high contrast and other characteristics, can present very clear, bright images and videos.


LED box refers to the shell of the LED display, which is the frame that assembles the various parts of the LED display. It is made of aluminum alloy, steel and other materials, has good heat dissipation performance, can ensure the stable operation of the LED display. The size, weight, thickness and other parameters of the LED box can be customized according to different application scenarios and needs. LED box usually has waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion and other functions, and can operate normally in a variety of harsh environments.

Screen area size

Indoor point spacing greater than P2.0 LED display, regardless of the size of the area, it is generally recommended to use module splicing directly, more cost-effective.

If the small pitch screen is larger than 20 square meters, it is recommended to splice the box structure, and the small pitch screen with a small area is recommended to splice the module.

Different installation methods

The floor mounted LED display is not closed in the case of the back, it is recommended to use the box splicing, which is more beautiful, applicable, the visual effect is better, and the maintenance before and after will be more convenient and quick.

The module splicing LED display needs to be closed separately on the back, which will be poor in safety, stability and aesthetics. It is generally maintained before and after maintenance, it also needs to leave a separate maintenance channel.


Because the module size is relatively small, the amount used in a display will be more, and it is manual splicing, so that there will be some flaws in the stitching and flatness, which will directly affect the look and feel, especially in the large-area display.

Due to the larger size of the box, the amount used in a display is less, so the splicing can better ensure its overall flatness, so the display effect will be better.


Modules are generally magnetic installation, each module is installed on the four corners of the magnet, the relatively large area of the display in long-term use, due to thermal expansion and contraction factors will lead to slight deformation, the original flat display may appear dislocation problems.

The box installation will generally use 10 screws to fix, very stable, not easily affected by external factors.


Box compared to the module, in the case of the same model with the same area, the price of the box will be slightly higher than the price of the module, which is also because the box is highly integrated, and the box itself is also made of die-cast aluminum, so the cost will be slightly higher.

Of course, when we choose to use the box or module in the actual case design, we need to be based on

International application scenarios and needs to be selected, in addition, whether it will be frequently dismantled and how much budget and other external factors to design to achieve the best effect and experience.


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