Southbound LED display is committed to a school in Futian, Shenzhen

2023-11-08 16:24:18

This is a primary school project undertaken by our company in Futian, Shenzhen. They use outdoor LED display P4 module. The project area is 28 square meters. The following is our commitment to the school LED display to get the conclusion about the application of LED display in schools:

Information dissemination
The school’s LED display can be used to publish a variety of information, such as notifications, event announcements, academic results, etc. Similar to displays at train stations, it is able to display various information in important places, such as entrances, lobbies or public areas.

Weather forecast and calendar
The school’s LED display displays real-time weather forecasts and calendar information to help students and staff schedule their activities.
Event announcement: The school’s LED display can be used to announce upcoming events, such as meetings, seminars, competitions, etc., to attract more people to participate.

Emergency information release
In an emergency, the school’s LED display can be used to issue emergency information, such as evacuation routes, emergency contact information, etc., to ensure the safety of everyone.

Improve the visibility of the school: Enhance the visibility and image of the school by displaying the school’s promotional videos or important school news.
Opportunities for collaboration with other schools
If there are cooperative activities or fellowship activities between schools, these activities can be displayed through the LED display to attract more people’s attention.
In order to make the LED display play the greatest role in the school, the school needs to use and manage the display reasonably, update the information in a timely manner, and change the content on the LED screen according to your requirements, dynamic color screen, play activities, promote school safety education videos and other information. And publish different content according to different needs.

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