Guangzhou Huadu District a company meeting room LED display case

2023-11-01 14:42:53

Guangzhou Huadu District a company meeting room LED display case

LED indoor full color display large screen in office meetings has been a common application phenomenon, SOUTHBOUND has stood out in office meetings, Southbound is committed to the company’s conference room LED display to help better promote the presentation, display program presentation and decision making. Meeting rooms are transformed into smart, connected Spaces where employees can collaborate more efficiently, whether in meetings, in different offices, or across the globe. LED display systems bring the best visual experience to corporate lobbies and auditoriums, which not only impress guests, but also arouse interest and demonstrate the company’s determination to embrace cutting-edge technology.

This is the LED case of a meeting room of a company in Huadu District. The meeting room area is 140 square meters, and the LED screen of the meeting room is 16 square meters, using a full-color small-pitch P1.1 module display.

Four brief descriptions:

1. Super size box, lightweight design

Aviation grade aluminum, light weight, high strength, reduce installation time, fast splicing, worry free installation. Box magnet fast splicing, quick lock 1 second lock, more convenient installation and labor saving.

Steel-free structure wall-mounted installation, the box is suspended on the beam through the hanging ears, the installation is simple and easy to operate, saving installation space and structural cost.

2. No bases, suitable for multiple scenarios

Vertical 1080 pixel HD display standard, horizontal according to the installation application scenario can be expanded, can meet 16:9, 21:9, 32:9 and other high-definition proportional display needs.

The standard height is 1100mm, which can be expanded horizontally according to the installation and application scenarios, and can meet the display requirements of different scenarios such as conference rooms, exhibition halls, and training rooms.

3. 10,000-level contrast, stunning visual effect

Unique intelligent EFI technology, reach 10,000 level contrast, black screen is blacker, bright screen is brighter, the picture is clearer and gorgeous

3840Hz high refresh, meet shooting needs, no scan line, comfortable viewing

4. Comprehensive protection, stable and reliable

Aluminum box stripe texture design, efficient heat dissipation; No hole on the back fully closed design, IP60 high protection, no dust in the box, support nano coating black technology, all-round moisture, anti-static, avoid “caterpillar” and “blind light” problems, full front maintenance, maintenance of zero space. Modules, system cards, and power supplies can be maintained from the front of the screen, and there is no need to reserve maintenance space in the back.

The screen lit up! This smart conference room LDE display is not only stately in shape, but also can be presented in amazing colors, which is especially distracting. The full picture immediately enhances the atmosphere of the meeting room, and the intelligent sense of science and technology supports touch, one-click sliding, blooming, rotating and other functions. After linking the computer, the computer is moved to the conference screen, and some computers can be presented very convenient, so that the work is more efficient, communication is closer, and the atmosphere is more harmonious.


The use of LED digital screens and digital video walls is ideal for meetings and commands, etc. For more information on how to make the most of LED display technology for your conference or lecture hall, finance, and institutions, please contact us for a free consultation.

All cases are guaranteed for three years, which is Southbound’s commitment to all users. Lifelong maintenance.

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