LED display application in Guangzhou high-speed rail station case

2023-11-12 13:03:57

LED displays inspire creativity and create memorable experiences in exciting new ways.
Our LED screen products are designed for the end user (passenger). You will be able to instantly update your screen images and keep your messages up to date. At airports and train stations, nothing frustrates travelers more than the lack of easy access to information about flights and train numbers.
This is a large project undertaken by our company “Guangzhou high-speed Railway Station”, with a total area of 1225 square meters, a total of 56 screens, including 8 two-color screens, using our company’s P2.5, P3, P4 LED display modules; In the process of experience, the application of LED display in railway stations may have the following conclusions

Information release

The LED display can release the train’s arrival and departure time, train number and terminal information in real time, so that passengers can timely understand the latest train dynamics.


In the railway station, the LED display can also be used to publish a variety of advertising information, including ticket offers, tourist attractions recommendations, etc., which can provide an efficient publicity platform for businesses.

Notice and announcement

LED display can also release a variety of notices and announcements, such as temporary traffic control, train suspension, passenger notice and other information, passengers can learn about these important information in a timely manner.

City image display

As an important window of the city, the railway station can play the city image publicity video, landscape film, etc., to show the city’s culture and charm.

Interactive information

The LED display can also interact with passengers in real time, such as providing questionnaires, suggestions and feedback, so that passengers can better participate in the management and service of the station.

In general, the LED display has a wide range of application prospects in the railway station, which can provide passengers with more convenient, efficient and reliable information services, and also provide a new channel for merchants to promote. Transit centers are challenged to communicate with travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As technology advances, media can take advantage of LED video screen technology to create immersive, effective and efficient Spaces.

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