Southbound LED display application in Dalian underwater world case

2023-11-10 17:37:38

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, LED display is more and more widely used. Among them, the ocean theme park is an important application scenario. Taking Sea World in Sanya, Hainan, China as an example, we can see the important role that LED displays play in enhancing the visitor experience, enhancing interaction, and realistically displaying Marine life.

Dalian Sea Bottom World is a real case of southbound LED display, they use indoor high-end waterproof P2 display module, the highest brightness up to 1200, a total area of 42 square meters, this is one of the projects; Dalian Underwater World is a theme park integrating Marine life, coral reef, aquarium and other elements. With the continuous development of science and technology, we have reason to believe that LED display will be more widely used in Dalian Underwater World. For example, the underwater animals can be made alive and lifelike through lifelike LED display technology, bringing more shocking visual experience and interactive experience to tourists. At the same time, the LED display can achieve centralized control and remote management, making the park operation more efficient and energy efficient.

Seaworld LED display applications

In the sea world, the application of LED display can be said to be everywhere. The highlight is the dolphin show on center stage. During the performance, the LED display played the picture of dolphins swimming freely in the water in real time, giving the audience an immersive feeling. In addition, shark pools and various fish displays are also typical application scenarios for LED displays.

Advantages and benefits of LED display

1. Enhanced interactivity: LED display can achieve real-time interaction with visitors. For example, when the dolphin show starts, some elements that interact with the audience can appear on the screen, such as audience voting, question and answer sessions, etc. This not only increases the interest of viewing, but also improves the participation of tourists.

2. Realistic visual effects: The LED display can realistically show the swimming of Marine life and the brilliant colors of coral reefs. Through high-definition, high frame rate display effect, let the audience feel like being in the ocean.

3. The effectiveness of information transmission: The LED display can play all kinds of information in real time, including performance time, precautions, etc. This is not only convenient for tourists, but also improves the efficiency of park management.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with traditional display technology, LED display has lower energy consumption and less impact on the environment.


The application of LED display in the Marine theme park undoubtedly enhances the interactive experience of visitors, improves the operational efficiency of the park, and also realistically displays the beautiful form of Marine life. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology and the increase of market demand, we have reason to believe that LED displays will be applied in more Marine theme parks and play a greater role.

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