Southbound LED display is used in a school lectern case in Zhejiang Province

2023-11-09 17:24:03

Southbound LED display is used in a school lectern case in Zhejiang Province

Southbound LED display used in the school podium, with the continuous development of science and technology, LED display has become an important part of the modern school podium. By using LED displays, schools can provide students and teachers with a more advanced, visual and efficient speech platform. This example will introduce the engineering project of a well-known university in Zhejiang, they use the high-end indoor P2.5 LED display module, a total of three screens, a total area of 160 square meters, the venue area of more than 1,000 square meters; How to use LED display as a school podium, including the selection of the appropriate display, installation and commissioning, use cases and maintenance and maintenance.

Choose the right display

When selecting an LED display, it is necessary to consider the dimensions, resolution, color gamut value, refresh rate and response time. To be specific:

Size: The appropriate LED display size should be selected according to the size of the podium and the needs of use.

Resolution: A high-resolution LED display can display clearer and more delicate pictures and text, but it will also increase the cost. Select the appropriate resolution according to the actual requirements.

Color gamut value: The color gamut value reflects the range of colors that the LED display can display. Choose an LED display with a higher color gamut value, which can display more real and rich colors.

Refresh rate: The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image display of the LED display. For the podium, the refresh rate above 60Hz is generally selected to meet the needs.

Response time: The faster the response time, the faster the LED display responds to the input signal, and the clearer the image display.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider the aspect ratio of the LED display to avoid image distortion or deformation.

Installation and commissioning

When installing and commissioning the LED display, the following points need to be noted:

Fixing method: According to the structure and design of the podium, choose the appropriate fixing method, such as bracket installation, wall hanging installation, etc.

Connection mode: The components of the LED display need to use a reasonable connection mode, such as series parallel connection, tree connection, etc.

Debugging steps: After the installation is completed, it is necessary to debug the LED display to ensure that the brightness, color temperature, contrast and other parameters reach the best state.

Use case

The application of LED display on the lecture stage is very wide, the following are several typical use cases:

Color display: The use of LED display colorful colors, display a variety of pictures, charts and data, so that the speech content more vivid image.

Content display: The speech content is displayed on the LED display in the form of text, pictures or videos, which is convenient for the audience to watch.

Interactive display: Interactive teaching, demonstration or competition through LED display to enhance the interaction between the audience and the speaker.

Care and maintenance

In order to maintain the good performance and service life of the LED display, regular maintenance and maintenance are required, mainly including the following points:

Regular cleaning: Regularly clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the LED display to keep it clean and hygienic.

Check the power supply: Periodically check whether the power cable is damaged or aging to ensure the safety of power consumption.

Replace the LED lamp: When the brightness of the LED lamp bead is reduced or damaged, it should be replaced in time to ensure the normal display effect of the display screen.

Software maintenance: Regularly update the driver and playback software of the LED display to ensure its normal operation and stability.

Backup: You are advised to backup important speech content to prevent unexpected events.

In short, through the reasonable selection, installation and commissioning of LED display, as well as regular maintenance and maintenance, you can give full play to its role in the lecture platform, improve the quality and effect of school teaching.

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