Tianjin large outdoor LED display case

2023-11-08 16:25:25

Our outdoor LED display images are very clear and colorful to make your ads stand out and come to life! It is also reliable in all weather conditions, from polar cold, snow and rain to desert heat. Are you looking for a medium to get your message across? Do you want to do this along highways or in shopping centers, tourist attractions, building malls, outdoor activities, car 4S stores, gas stations or parking lots?

With our LED display, you can get your message across to a large number of people.

This is a large outdoor case at the intersection of Tianjin to Beijing highway, the project uses the southbound LED display P10 module, with a total area of 495 square meters. The following conclusions about LED advertising display:

Large size: This LED screen is located at an urban road interchange and is huge enough to attract people’s attention. This shows that this screen is suitable for advertising and publicity, because it has enough reach and influence.

Urban environment: This LED screen is located at the entrance to the city and is surrounded by sights such as streets, traffic, buildings and pedestrians. It is part of the city and plays an important role in Tianjin’s cultural attractions.

Light up at night: At night, this LED screen is lit up, adding a unique charm to the city. Its light is soft, as if it is telling people a story or sending a message. This shows that it is not just an electronic screen, but also a part of the urban landscape.
Attraction: This huge LED screen draws people’s eyes and makes them feel like they are there. This shows that it has a strong appeal and can arouse people’s interest and curiosity.

Information transfer: This LED screen is not only a decorative element, it can also convey information. It can display ads, news and other information to provide useful information to viewers.

The impact on people: This LED screen encourages people to cherish time more and pay attention to the little things in life. This shows that it is not just an advertising medium, but also an influential element that can influence the way people think and live.
In general, LED advertising display is a large advertising medium with great potential to attract a large number of people and deliver useful information. At the same time, it is also a part of the urban landscape that can influence the way people think and live.

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