The application case of southbound LED display in Chongqing Huwai basketball court

2023-11-04 15:56:52

The outdoor basketball court is an important place for people’s sports and entertainment, and it is also the place where various basketball events are held. Timely and accurate transmission of game information is crucial to enhance spectator experience and team performance. LED display as a modern information dissemination tool, its high brightness, long life and flexibility characteristics in the outdoor basketball court play a unique advantage. This case is in Chongqing Normal covers an area of 780 square meters, LED display 45 square meters, using the southbound high-end outdoor P3.8 module, the following is our summary of the program in the case.

The basic concept and advantages of LED display

LED display is an electronic display device that arranges pixels in a matrix to form a specific pattern by controlling the brightness of a semiconductor light-emitting diode. Its main advantages include high brightness, low energy consumption, long life, fast reaction speed, corrosion resistance, large viewing Angle, etc. In the outdoor basketball court, the LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, long life and small size.

LED display in the outdoor basketball court application scheme

Key points of purchase

In the purchase of LED display, it is necessary to choose the appropriate model according to the actual needs and site environment. The main considerations include the size of the display, brightness, color, viewing Angle, and so on. In addition, attention should be paid to the stability and durability of the display screen to ensure long-term stable use.

Installation mode

The installation method of the LED display can be selected according to the actual situation of the site. Common installation methods include column suspension, ground support installation, roof support installation, etc. In the outdoor basketball court, the general use of column suspension or ground support installation.

Connection mode

The connection mode of LED display is generally in series parallel to meet the transmission needs of power and signal. At the same time, in order to ensure safety, the connection wire with overcurrent protection and short circuit protection should be selected.

Precautions for using LED display


In order to maintain the stability of the LED display and extend its service life, regular maintenance should be carried out. Specifically, it includes cleaning the dust and dirt on the surface of the display screen, checking whether the connection wire is loose or damaged, and ensuring the normal function of the display screen.

Safety tips

In the process of using the LED display, you should pay attention to safety tips. In basketball games, the game information is updated more frequently, so it is necessary to ensure that the operator has the appropriate operating skills to avoid misoperation and accidents. In addition, protective measures around the display should also be in place to ensure the safety of the audience.

The application effect of LED display in outdoor basketball court

Enhance the audience experience

The LED display can display real-time game information, such as scores, time, substitutions, etc., so that the audience can understand the game more timely and accurately. At the same time, it can also broadcast the game highlights, celebration pictures, etc., to improve the audience’s watching experience.

Increase your team’s chances of winning

Through the real-time information update of the LED display, the team’s coaches and players can more accurately understand the progress of the game and the opponent’s situation, so as to make more reasonable tactical adjustments and decisions. This will help to improve the team’s fighting power, thus increasing the probability of winning.

Improve advertising efficiency

While the LED display displays competition information, it can also play advertising content. This provides sponsors with an opportunity to showcase their brand image while also generating additional revenue for the stadium.


LED display has a wide range of application prospects in outdoor basketball courts, and its characteristics of high brightness, long life and flexibility meet the needs of outdoor basketball courts for information dissemination. Through reasonable purchase, installation and connection methods, LED display can effectively improve the audience experience, enhance the team’s winning probability, and enhance advertising efficiency. During use, attention should be paid to maintenance and safety tips to ensure the stability and safety of the LED display. It is believed that with the continuous progress and popularization of technology, the application of LED display in outdoor basketball courts will be further expanded and improved.

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