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Southbound LED display application plan for public safety

2023-10-30 22:34:20

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Southbound LED display application plan for public safety

With the rapid development of economy, the requirements for public security are getting higher and higher, and the work of public security is becoming more and more complicated. Public security agencies need to apply various technologies to improve their work efficiency. For police officers who are responsible for service and protection functions, it is very important to ensure their personal safety. Based on the southbound small-pitch LED display system, receiving and handling alarm system, PGIS and video command and other related business information subsystems, around flat, visualization, multi-level linkage capabilities, LED display has become the mainstream of police systems.

The command center will be built into an actual combat support platform integrating information center, command and dispatch center, intelligence center and decision-making center.

Command and dispatch

Get dozens of times the information, a screen control the overall situation, on-screen combat, no blur, sawtooth, stretching or deformation

Multi-service system integration

Data convergence, signal convergence, resource integration, business can be clearly seen on a screen.

Real-time dynamic correlation

Event-centric, dynamic resource correlation, real-time data comparison, and associated business analysis can all be held in one screen.


Video direct to the scene, dynamic police real-time control, multi-police joint operations, real-time police resources in the master, support service actual combat, in front of the screen to grasp the latest situation.

Security guard

Security line planning and drill, to provide commanders with all-round tracking of the environment of the security object, real-time detection of abnormal conditions, multi-directional protection

The situation of the police

Control the situation of police, gather all kinds of police, pay attention to the statistics and distribution of all kinds of police, and focus on major police situations and key areas

Video surveillance

It is used for daily monitoring of key areas, quickly making plans, real-time switching, arranging and adjusting signal layout, and monitoring batch videos of major police situations

Resource sharing, emergency command, auxiliary analysis

Resource visibility: police visibility, police visibility, scene visibility, resources visibility, police visibility.

Service practice: To provide scientific and efficient auxiliary decision-making tools, around the actual combat links of the case, to provide auxiliary decision-making tools.

Multi-dimensional panorama: Gathering police resource data and information, multi-dimensional panorama presentation.

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