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3D LED display billboard technology application and solution

2023-10-30 22:32:40

3D LED display three-dimensional presentation let you marvel at blood boiling, instant fascination

3D digital billboard technology

A 3D billboard is a billboard that uses stereoscopic imaging technology to present a stereoscopic image. It is usually composed of a number of flat displays, through the perspective difference, motion effect and other technologies, to create a realistic three-dimensional effect on the visual experience of the audience. 3D billboards are usually used in commercial advertising, cultural entertainment and other places, which can attract more people’s attention and attention, and enhance the visibility and influence of brands or products.

The technologies used in 3D digital billboards include: stereoscopic imaging technology, 3D display technology, projection technology, etc.

Stereoscopic imaging is a technique that creates a stereoscopic effect by recording two or more viewpoints at the same time and then fusing these viewpoints together. This technique includes many methods, such as red and blue film stereoscopic imaging, polarization stereoscopic imaging, perspective stereoscopic imaging, etc. This technology is widely used in movies, games, animation and other fields, which can provide a strong three-dimensional experience and visual impact.

3D display technology refers to the use of special display equipment and technology, on the screen to present a realistic three-dimensional image technology. This technology includes glasses 3D display, naked eye 3D display, automatic stereoscopic display and other methods. This technology is widely used in movie theaters, game consoles, televisions, mobile devices and other fields to provide users with a more realistic and immersive experience.

Projection technology is a technology that realizes the image display by reflecting the light source onto the display. This technology includes DLP, LCD, LCoS and other methods. It is widely used in home theater, commercial demonstration, educational display and other fields, and can provide users with larger screen visual effects and more flexible installation methods.

These technologies achieve stereo vision by displaying different images on multiple screens at the same time and synthesizing the parallax differences of the images through the human eye. Among them, the projection technology is to project the image onto a special transparent screen by using a projection device such as a laser or LED to create a realistic three-dimensional effect. The application of these technologies can not only realize the presentation of stereoscopic images, but also enhance the motion effect and interaction of images, and improve the advertising effect.

3D digital billboard advantage

Significant visual effects: 3D digital billboards can create realistic three-dimensional effects through stereoscopic imaging technology to attract more attention and attention.

Higher interactivity: 3D digital billboards can use motion sensing, touch screen and other technologies to enhance the audience’s interaction and improve the advertising effect.

Higher return on investment: 3D digital billboards can better present the brand or product image, improve the advertising effect, and thus obtain a higher return on investment.

3D Billboard Example

The 3D digital billboard of Jiangsu Science and Technology Museum has created a realistic three-dimensional effect through projection technology, attracting the attention of a large number of viewers.

The 3D digital billboard in New York, the United States, uses a number of flat screens to create a three-dimensional effect through the difference of viewing angles and motion effects, which enhances the advertising effect.

Japan’s 3D digital billboards use transparent screens and projection technology to achieve realistic three-dimensional effects and high interactivity.

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