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LED screen news broadcast application

2023-10-30 22:30:32

Tell your most impactful stories

Radio is about influencing people with stories. In order to engage the audience and keep them engaged, the story you tell must be compelling. A dynamic display solution is an important technology to improve the viewer experience. By enhancing the broadcast with compelling images and engaging the audience with interactive content, the story comes to life.

Broadcast applications are tightly combined with three large block solutions

Master control and post-production

Mission-critical display solutions provide broadcast control rooms with the flexibility to integrate a large number of signal sources and the efficiency to monitor multiple sources – enabling operators to troubleshoot quickly and make better decisions faster. Cutting-edge digital displays with advanced processing capabilities are improving and adding value to post-production operations.

Virtual and XR Studios

Combining LED video walls with the latest visual experience production software virtually eliminates the use of green screens and turns any medium or even small space into a professional broadcast studio. Through set extensions, creative graphics, and expanded reality, studios can exponentially expand environments and engage audiences with better news and entertainment.

Camera setting background

Long, expensive outdoor photos can now be supplemented with LED displays. Huge sets and worlds limited by imagination are now possible without the constraints of production budgets.

LED display technology creates a “wow factor” in the new studio design and enhances broadcast presentations with striking images and highly uniform colors. Fine-pitch LED airborne video walls provide the image quality required for today’s programming and viewer expectations. Seamless background video walls create stunning set design and add a sense of depth and space to the studio.

Create a live background that is perfectly synchronized with the camera for a perfect and fully immersive shooting experience. Virtual production is revolutionizing cinema. LED screens with LED quality treatment are being used as an amazing alternative to traditional green screens, enabling filmmakers to capture live action on camera.

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