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LED display in emergency rescue solution

2023-10-30 22:25:57

The specific functional modules of the solution can be applied to different levels of emergency rescue command centers to visualize business scenarios. Based on the southbound small-pitch LED display technology system, combined with the big data and basic information of the emergency rescue command center, from the comprehensive consideration of display effect, practical function, advanced technology, flexible system, stable and reliable system expansion several latitudes, the emergency rescue command center LED display will be built into a centralized command and dispatch, information display gorgeous scenery

Charge warning

Realize 7X24 hours real-time dynamic monitoring of emergency rescue quality control data, public emergencies, emergency personnel on duty, third-grade hospital beds and other data, and set early warning values for various quality control indicators. Through the analysis and judgment of quality control indicators, the critical value can be controlled, and timely early warning and intervention can be proposed, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of pre-hospital first aid

Daily rescue

It is used to monitor emergency rescue resources, display the whole process of emergency disposal, and facilitate the command center to grasp and recall the whole process of police disposal from the information of receiving, dispatching, dispatching and disposing results

Multi-system fusion

Support the seamless integration of multiple application systems, all kinds of attention data, videos, maps, etc., to converge, link and interwork, centralized hall screen unified scheduling

Multi-screen collaboration

The control side, the large screen side, the operation control and the high score display are separated, each performs its duties, and the interconnection and interaction between the multiple screens achieve information sharing and multi-party joint operations.

Resource sharing, emergency command, auxiliary analysis

Resource integration and sharing: real-time dynamic monitoring and centralized management of emergency resources such as emergency vehicles, emergency medical resources, emergency sub-stations, and rescue teams

Emergency linkage command: Bring together emergency services and build visual application scenarios for multi-party joint operations

Auxiliary decision analysis: Provide emergency rescue assistance around the actual combat links of first aid events


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