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Southbound provides LED display solutions for commercial advertising

2023-10-30 22:24:18

Flexible and changeable LED display can be equipped with intelligent interactive technology, according to different scene needs, create a colorful business atmosphere, bring more commercial value to hotels, bars, shopping malls, etc., tap the urban cultural gene and the characteristics of the project itself, and create a composite place and new commercial complex combining culture, art and scene experience through sound and photoelectric technology. The solution integrates the LED display + creative display + signage + landscape lighting + control system + design and construction and other business systems as well as external ecology inside Southbound, and provides an overall solution for customized light display application scenarios such as internal space, external facade and square space of commercial complex.


The AD plays in real time in high definition

High refresh rate and high gray scale, bright color point by point correction technology, making the display picture more realistic, to meet the high-definition real-time advertising in various places.

Brand culture promotion

The highly creative splicing and display technology makes the screen body and the brand integrated into a strong visual impact, creating a new visual window for brand image communication.

Human screen real-time interactive experience

LED large screen combined with VR, AR, 3D and other technologies to achieve immersive screen interaction, create a deep brand experience atmosphere, more conducive to business drainage, improve the conversion rate of stores.

Information is transmitted in real time

The cluster cloud control system technology can remotely and efficiently manage and control multiple LED displays, so that the published information changes as needed and is updated instantly

In the Internet era, people are surrounded by a large amount of information every day, it is inevitable that there are requirements for the quality of information, and the screening of information willing to receive will be more stringent. This makes the dissemination of information such as outdoor advertising no longer a traditional one-way communication method. Creativity is the soul of advertising

Good ideas can help advertisements be more easily accepted by consumers, reduce consumers’ rejection of advertisements, and deepen the impression of advertisements. Good creative content touches the heart of the audience, can trigger thinking, further improve the audience’s attention to the advertisement, and thus stimulate secondary communication. This is not only the improvement of the audience’s status, but also the role and importance of creativity in advertising and outdoor advertising. It can be said that creativity is the soul of outdoor advertising.

However, the definition of outdoor advertising is still based on a specific carrier, displayed on urban public buildings, and a common form of advertising to convey commercial advertising information to the public. Therefore, compared with other forms of advertising media, the display form of outdoor advertising is generally billboards, outdoor led display screens, etc. Therefore, the location of the billboard has become the most important or even the only factor affecting whether it can be achieved. The best advertising results are based on good advertising content.

Location is the key to outdoor advertising

We believe that location value has always been the premise of all the value of outdoor advertising. The location of outdoor advertising determines how many people it can reach and to whom. The effectiveness of outdoor advertising is inseparable from the creativity and expressiveness of the advertising content itself. However, we must realize that outdoor advertising is closely related to the choice of outdoor advertising media, advertising time, and especially outdoor advertising location.

Use location advantage to maximize value

Location is the core of outdoor advertising. Only by adhering to the priority of site selection, choosing high-quality site selection, and fundamentally insight, analysis, and identification of the audience facing the site selection can it be better and have the opportunity to further expand the effect of site selection.

Residential areas, commercial areas and other areas face relatively stable audiences, appear in the surrounding frequency is higher, stay longer. If detailed billboards or outdoor advertisements that require people to spend time interacting and experiencing are placed at these points, it will facilitate the delivery of advertising information and develop in the direction of precision.

The use of location advantages can also be based on the characteristics of outdoor advertising areas, the “environment” elements into the creation of outdoor advertising, so as to enhance the audience’s sense of experience and attract more audience’s attention.

LED screen advantages:

Can be infinitely improved there is no doubt that there is no substitute in the screen.

Outdoor use can be wind, waterproof and other harsh environment.


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