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Government in the LED screen application program

2023-10-30 22:20:26

For more than a decade, Southbound has been providing display solutions to governments and foreign governments around the globe. From local government and local institutions to higher education, Southbound has display solutions for any government application.

From truly seamless ultra-fine pitch LED display walls to interactive touch solutions, Southbound offers the most comprehensive portfolio of commercial display solutions.

Since the company’s inception, and local governments have relied on LED screens for a wide range of display solutions to help them serve, protect and manage essential services in their communities. The superior visual performance, high reliability and 24×7 operation of flat display technologies enable them to meet the results required for the job.

Tailored for government clients

Extended protection

All of Southbound’s LED products are guaranteed for three years, which greatly reduces concerns and minimizes future uncertainty.

Product safety

In a variety of changing environments, Southbound strives to adapt our display solutions and processes to meet our customers’ product security needs and government requirements.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China for more than a decade, Southbound has partners across China engaged in everything from product development and manufacturing to technical support and all customer engagement.

If you have any security questions or concerns about a flat display solution, please contact our Product Safety team.


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