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Southbound for the “civil air defense emergency” solution

2023-10-30 22:18:49

The “one network and four systems” big data of civil air defense is brought together and presented in a scene-oriented way on the ultra-high resolution southbound LED large screen technology, meeting the development needs of “visualization, modernization, information and intelligence” of the management work of the civil air defense command center, integrating civil air defense data, promoting business innovation, and helping to improve the efficiency of civil air defense emergency command. Effective performance of wartime air defense, peacetime service, emergency support functions and missions, management and command, based on a “city digital twin 3D visual map”, to achieve civil air defense resources can be checked, emergency evacuation support, situation comprehensive presentation.

Civil air defense resources and emergency command platform

Establish an emergency linkage command platform with rapid response, peacetime and war integration, complete images, unblocked information, strong command, and resource guarantee, achieve “system interoperability, information integration, unified command, and resource utilization”, and focus on solving basic problems such as “visible, connected, and responsive”. Based on the digital twin presented on a large LED display, fast and accurate positioning, auxiliary decision-making, disposal decision plotting, emergency plan start-up, material command and dispatch and other sub-modules.

Air defense overview

Comprehensively supervise all types of civil air defense business data in the jurisdiction, conduct comprehensive statistics and management of civil air defense business data, overview the overall situation, organize wartime command, emergency support, and assist emergency command and dispatch.

Construction planning three unified

Visual (unified resource display) : people, things, things operation monitoring full screen preview of the global situation at a glance

Manageable (unified incident control) : centralized command and management, intelligent early warning, timely detection and treatment of problems

Decision-making (unified command decision-making) : scientific decision-making, the leader’s cockpit linkage command, efficient unified linkage


The HD LED screen displays the distribution and coverage of all alarms within the jurisdiction, realizes the comprehensive perception and dynamic monitoring of alarm operation, and establishes an emergency alarm linkage mechanism

Command post

The LED display displays the distribution and details of command posts at all levels within the jurisdiction, and displays the organizational structure of command posts in the jurisdiction, providing important information support for unified and efficient organization and command during wartime

Civil air defence engineering

Integrated supervision of civil air defense engineering operation and maintenance, the whole process can present the results on the LED display screen, ensure the safe and benign operation of the project, and play an important role in the safe use of civil air defense engineering

Assist management, project status, construction display

Construction results Panorama display: All kinds of projects, equipment, important economic targets, civil air defense force data and information convergence, civil air defense construction results panorama display, a screen presentation

Project status at a glance: real-time docking of status data, facility maintenance, engineering progress can also be clear in a screen

Intelligent civil air defense auxiliary management: multi-dimensional, multi-perspective statistical analysis, visual and intuitive presentation of the results, improve the efficiency of management decision-making unified presentation, to meet the civil air defense command center.

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