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Southbound LED display solution for sports events

2023-10-30 22:13:12

In outdoor places, such as football stadiums, basketball courts and other sports venues, the use of LED large screens is very common.

These screens can loop advertisements while broadcasting live games, combining commercial operations with sporting events. They offer huge advantages to spectators, allowing relevant content from the development of the stadium itself to be displayed on the LED screen in an extended manner. In addition, they have a stable power supply and a high refresh rate that prevents screen flickering and provides excellent image quality.

The Stadium screen is designed to be viewed from all angles and positions within the stadium, and its light output allows for perfect viewing of its content in broad daylight.

In addition, according to the special design of the size and layout of the stadium, under the control of the professional control system, it can present the timing and scoring, advertising, video live broadcast, etc., perfect picture display and rich function presentation, giving fans a different experience of the event.

360° seamless advertising video wall or video wall column, through the unique shape and rich functions, not only can increase the atmosphere of the live event, but also increase the penetration of advertising and other marketing. Nanxing’s product design/research and development capabilities, supporting Nanxing’s professional control system, break through the traditional square design restrictions of LED video wall, can bring the audience a fantastic experience.

Unique maintenance product design and specific dimensions, and the stadium stand properties perfectly match, easy construction and maintenance. Under the control of the Southbound professional control system, it can display timing, scoring, advertising, etc., and can cooperate with the large screen at both ends of the stadium and the fence screen to achieve linkage display, and the picture performance is more shocking.

Supported by professional control systems, as well as high-tech elements such as virtual insertion technology and automatic brightness adjustment, the South travel outdoor fence advertising screen can maximize the experience of fans’ events and provide the operation effect of stadium events

Their operation is very convenient because they are integrated into a control software that can better support image processing and bring great convenience to the user.

1. The system is stable

Stable and reliable hardware and software system with excellent performance can be used in various extreme weather, indoor and outdoor sports venues

2. Live broadcast

It can broadcast the event information in real time under various conditions, without low refresh rate, color bias, color difference and other problems, support playback of slow motion, wonderful content, minute and second can not be missed

3. Customize the area display

The display screen can be arbitrarily partitioned, superimposed and roaming, and the screen can be adaptive scaled according to the size of the custom area

4. Synchronize real-time information release

VGA and Video signal conversion, through the subtitle machine can achieve the superposition of images and text, the game score at a glance

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