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Dealers join

Service guarantee
Go everywhere
Nanxing’s after-sales and technical team has traveled to over 500 cities nationwide
High quality products
Brand complete machine, legal and compliant, easy to install and maintain, saving time and effort
Quick response to the real service system
Rapid response within a 3-kilometer service circle, 24/7 service
Price system specification
Unified pricing model based on value chain, multiple incentive schemes based on goals
Always understand
Customer first, constantly aware of customer pain points, taking the lead in meeting customer needs
marketing support
Utilize the initiative of partners and support various forms of marketing
We hope to collaborate with the best people and provide challenging opportunities for professionals and students. By joining us, we can collaborate with other outstanding employees to develop our products,
Produce and sell, and work together to create higher quality products and solutions through each link.
Partner Registration and Certification
Register online and become a registered partner
Sign Up Online
If your company has not yet been registered, you can fill out the application form and upload qualification documents online to become a registered partner.
Apply for certification and become a certified partner
Become a certified partner
If your company has been registered, the Nanxing business personnel will contact you in a timely manner to confirm whether you are willing to become a certified partner. You can also directly contact our various market contacts.
Professional and efficient sales service network
Channels are spread throughout the country, with comprehensive and fast services. We strive to ensure localized and professional pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services, allowing customers to enjoy a fast and high-quality product and service experience!
3Kilometer service circle: providing localized and convenient services
33Offices: Point control of provincial capitals and municipalities directly under the central government
More than 150 provincial-level distributors: including various provincial capitals and municipalities across the country
More than 2000 brand engineering service providers

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