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Nanxing Southbound works alongside you at all stages to help you solve any LED digital display application problem you can imagine!

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Southbound ® The brand is an LED display screen manufacturer that integrates independent research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. It is under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Nanxing and was established in 2013. Due to its high-quality LED display screens

And famous throughout the world. We have always focused on the field of LED display screens and independently produced products including outdoor LED displays, indoor LED screens, customized LED shaped screens, infinitely large LED displays, rental screens, small pitch LED displays, and LEDs

Grille screen, high-definition LED screen, LED transparent screen, LED waterproof electronic display screen, etc; The product is widely used in various industries such as government agencies, entertainment, conferences, cultural creativity, education, traffic command, sports, advertising, entertainment, etc;

We have undertaken over 10000 projects, and our solution team can assist you from conception to installation. With over ten years of engineering and construction experience, 100% of our internal team is responsible for design, engineering, manufacturing, project management, and installation. No matter where or what line,

We can all provide assistance by offering high-quality LED display screen solutions at reasonable prices.

Given the fierce competition in today’s market, enterprises must respond flexibly and quickly to new challenges. We meet these requirements through in-depth research and development, and produce technologically advanced products. Our series product quality

Safe and reliable, with stable performance and special coloring, greatly improving engineering quality and maintenance issues. We adhere to independent innovation and continuous innovation, and are currently in a leading position in the industry.

Southern travel goes far beyond these, providing effective solutions for various harsh environments and specific problems. Designers, engineers, and salespeople from Southbound collaborate with customers to understand issues

Identify and address the issue. They transform their ideas into practical solutions and use advanced technology to create projects that satisfy customers.

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Market Positioning
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social vision
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LED display screens

Completely change your experience here and now. Change your space and become obsessed. Use lifelike LED screens to create stunning content that you cannot distinguish from reality. Boost your creativity.

Southbound history

Looking through history, the company has gone through many vicissitudes and has been engaged in the field of LED display screen production engineering since 2013.


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